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Author Topic: sexy vicky 22  (Read 3100 times)

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Offline punk

Just a quick review of vicky.

Decided today for a little punt and after a few texts got a reply from vicky, and off i set for leyton high road, from the station it is a short walk to where she is located.Building where she lives is just off the main road about 5 minute walk.When i called i was let in by the maid and was shown the way up an unbelievable  long flight of stairs which had different rooms leading off, i was pointed to the last two rooms at the top, were i could hear the T.V  and good old kyle was on the box as it turn out, hmmm i thought on opening the door room was big and looked ok a bit dark.

Vicky got off the bed and said hello and held her hand out, but did not seem really that into it by the body language. Great i was thinking this is going to be shit.

Vicky herself is 100% like her photo's size 12, may be 28-30? To cut a long story short except for the fact that as she admitted later she can be moody some times the punt turn out not to be half bad, and slowly things got better, with a decent massage  with baby oil,followed by a bit of a hard wipe and clean of the rod.

Blow job was a mix of mouth and hand, on with the condom, lube,more than enough and into mish,feel of a nice pair of boobs, what i did like was the fact that she did not just lay there but put effort in and gyrate her hips to good effect, after i popped it was on with her knickers, time for the old shower.
All in all not a bad functional empty your balls punt, i will rate it 7/10.

Positives:  Decent massage,Blow job was good and effort was put into the the humping, i think i could have had more positions.She look exactly as in photos,Flat was ok.Bathroom decent,No rush after taking shower.And she turn out to be more friendly.

Negetives: Bit Moody/ one of those days, functional punt,think she may have seen one too many cocks and needs a break.

May be she could turn out better on another punt with her?

£40, not bad for 30 minutes.

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Online hendrix

Glad you had a decent punt punk :)..link is showing as "no longer active" though :(

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Offline punk

Glad you had a decent punt punk :)..link is showing as "no longer active" though :(

thanks turned out to be a far from worse punt.

thou not in the same league as yours. :drinks:

Offline abdul

Aw memeber since 2012 no feedback, it is good anyway you had a good punt at very cheap price. :hi:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline dami3n

saw her a couple days ago actually but haven't been online but much of the same and in my book not deserving of a positive, you rightly point out it was functional and by saying "seen too many cocks" she's probably jaded.

same location, girl as in pics, not the most discrete off street entrance, 3 flights of stairs and I'm in.

she was quite moody, and kinda just stared at me like "lets do this" ...anyway some girls take a minute to warm up on a first meet and she was civil and looked nice in her knickers - proceed!

size 14 is my bad guess, and fake tits didn't really do it for me

she just kinda stared at me as i got undressed, I asked her " are you glad to see me" she said of course BUT she was "really tired" as had little sleep ...my punting senses usually tell me the girl is not entirely 'independent' which is unfortunate.

*quick note that I'd called her the night before to ask when she started working and she said 1pm - dunno if this was her first appointment or her first free slot of the day but i booked her for 1pm?

too brief and rather average BJ and she reached for the rubber cloaking device and asked me to go on top, to "warm her up" ...she said, she slowly got into things and wanted to go cowgirl then we finished in doggy.

asked for a massage which was pretty good with lotion, tried making convo but she was pretty one lined ...got into round 2 and she suggested doggy, i went hard but knew i couldn't finish (and I've never failed to finish :D) it just felt like too much work and she made no effort to be 'sexy', engaging or active ...passive sex slowly but surely turns me off .

knock on the door and she said 10 minutes and i said dami3n jr is not feeling the mood so stopped, got in my kit and she said "sorry for the slow motion" alluding to her being off the pace.

came on my radar from a couple recommendations on her but seems like she's going down hill

no way more than neutral - positive is what you give to a WG that's focused on totally pleasing you. moodiness and indifference should not be recommended I'm afraid. she stared a lot and didn't moan or give off any signs of pleasure - found this very disconcerting, many WG's fake it but threre are those whos moans just get you fired up - she didn't even try to hide her can't be arsedness.

Offline dami3n

Aw memeber since 2012 no feedback, it is good anyway you had a good punt at very cheap price. :hi:

she's had a few positives on here over the years and I for one value a UKP review over 5 AW randomers/fakers

Offline punk

thats why i stated the above and it would have been a neutral at 5/6 but she put effort into the shag rather than just open the legs and lay on her back.And thats why i did 30 minutes.In all the punts i have had it was not the best and certainly not the worse!!! I say that she is part of a group, but how many WG'S are totally independent? :unknown:

Any way i agree with what you say and it is for others to judge yes, no or maybe.

Is she any good I heard she's back thinking about taking a punt not sure though

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