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Author Topic: Kara S - French outcall escort in London  (Read 2385 times)

She's coming to see me on Saturday - has anyone, to coin a phrase, 'had the pleasure'?
First ever post, please be gentle.

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I saw her some time ago. Maybe a year or more. She was fine. As described. French, and cute.

Went for OW but she does OWO. Would've seen her again, but the choice out there.........

Please put a review up as if she is any good service wise and looks match what little we can see on the pics I will book her as I want to punt a french girl.

Saw her a few months ago..... genuine French girl, body pics are accurate... slim n tight. Face wise .... pretty .... nice enough girl but.....

A couple of points to note.

1) When I saw her she told me she was not fully shaven, I said it was ok as she said she had not got round it yet but there was not much pubic hair, when she turned up & got her kit off there was a massive bush down there!! ... I did not make a big thing out of it but was not ideal when going down on her so maybe you should mention to her to shave down there if that's your thing!.

2) She had smokers breath although she tried to hide it with chewing gum, the odour of ciggies was still strong.

Depends if that sort of things matters..... it does to me !

Not many that dont smoke sadly. The bush is definitely a turn off.

Offline fingal91

Look forward to your feedback. French girls are hot and my French is ok.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (fingal91, APC, love1)

I saw her in December 2012 the month her profile was created. As has been previously mentioned, she's definitely French and quite cute. Problem is she just didn't do it for me - maybe it was the ciggy smoke, maybe it was her high pitched squeaky voice, maybe because she is quite scrawny. Whatever it was, it just wasn't an inspiring booking for me. My trusty spreadsheet reminds me she did OWO but not French kissing - so perhaps the lack of DFK was another reason I elected not for another booking.

Offline dilettante

Et vous etes Le Docteur ... Qui? (geddit, repeating an old joke of my Fr teacher at school)

Hmmm. I remember the pubic hair, as it's an unusual sight these days. Pretty sure it was all trimmed though. I also don't remember the absence of FKing. I'm sure I'd have remembered that. Only reason I didn't write a report is that it wasn't that remarkable either way. That's not to knock her, and the service was good. It's just the usual 'so many girls, so little time' thing. Again.

So I saw her this afternoon. Generally a good experience - but definitely some constructive criticism for her next appraisal.

First off she arrived 40 mins late after a story about the tubes not running which only became evident to her when she got to the station 5 mins before our appointment time. Luckily I wasn't in a rush, but for another punter this may have been a problem. She was suitably apologetic when she arrived however, but i did get a sense she's a bit disorganised.
She arrived wearing a reasonably nondescript black top - she's OK looking - quite gallic, sultry with olive skin. The timelord mentioned a squeaky voice, and this led me to expect something like Orville the duck, but she just has a fairly generic French accent. Nice hair - long, thick, fragrant. She's easy to chat to, near fluent English (has a day job in the city) and keen to know about me. Half chatted in my patchy franglais to break the ice. Served her a glass of plonk and then she retired to powder her nose - when she emerged she was sporting the lingerie depicted in her free gallery photos, and keen to start the seduction, with lots of writhing on top and flinging her hair etc. All good stuff.

She was happy to French kiss, but not in the locking of molars/tonsil tennis way, though this was due to me sporting three week old Trotskyist revolutionary facial hair and her sensitive skin, so I can't say whether or not she does DFK as standard. Workmanlike owo and HJ. Lingerie off - worth pointing out that she's filled out a bit since those photos, bit it's to her credit - she's certainly encumbered by additional baggage, but neither is she "scrawny". I'd say just right. It's added volume to her tits, too, which I thought were perfect. A nice little handful. Mine's a pint.

Just before I tucked into le pie she told me that "she doesn't like to kiss afterwards" which I thought was a little odd, and, as she'd just sucked my naked babymaker, implied that she had a worse standard of hygiene than me! She has a bit of fluff downstairs, I wouldn't call it a bush, and it made no odds to me, but worth mentioning. Willing participant in missionary  - made all the right noises and leg movements. Then asked for doggy - which I found a good touch as it meant she was engaged with the process and knew what turned her on. Good doggy technique- happy to share the burden of the exercise with me. But what i thought she excelled at was rodeo - grinding so hard on my cock so that it must have been pressing on her liver. Then on to the vinegar strokes (I never finish in the condom) at which point she offered up her posterior. I then shot a pretty hefty payload of man juice all over her and she got slightly pissy as some of it went in her hair. However, none of us can control the vagaries of trajectory - some days it's little more than a dribble.

She then showered and put her clothes back on - seem to think she enjoyed herself and we left on good terms. May well see again.

Yours in christ

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