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Author Topic: Viva - House of Divine  (Read 971 times)

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Offline El Jefe


I saw Viva at HOD yesterday, it was either her or Yana that day.

I arrived at the house in South Kensington and a English women answered and led me to a nice room with a small bed, the house was huge. A couple of minutes later Viva came in and I first noticed that she was taller than me, I'm 5'8 and she is atleast 5'10. Viva is gorgeous with long legs and a peachy bum, soft healthy looking skin and long hair. I found a picture of her on another review and this is pretty much what she looks like though this picture is photoshopped to hide imperfections of course  http://www.agencybarracuda.co.uk/images/large/1310557411_1_bx_file7.jpg.

I was not offered a shower but it didn't matter because I had one at work before I arrived, we got down to business and kissed for a bit, I wasn't really up for kissing for some reason. Viva pushed me back on the bed and gave me some good OWO, enthusiastic like a pornstar but no eye contact. Viva then started riding me in reverse cowgirl which was felt great, seeing that perfect body and ass grinding on my dick... we swapped positions a few times but I was only going to cum in reverse cowgirl because I was getting no joy from missionary and doggy. I ended up paying for an hour and came in 30, stupid me. She asked me if I wanted to go again and I said I don't think I would be able to cum again and I needed to get back to work.


Viva is gorgeous with an amazing body
Freindly, enthusiastic and confident
House is huge and clean
OWO was like a pornstar would do it, very enthusiastic if thats what your into


No eye contact during OWO

Offline vt

I've met Viva a few times when she was Vikki at LMP, last time about 10 months ago.

Lovely smiley Baltic girl, tall, slender, long hair, tanned, tiny boobs with big coat-peg nipples. Says 27yo, but looks younger 'cos she's so slim. Nice kisser and tight down below. Can't think of any negatives really, often thought I'd like to see her 1-2-1.

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