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Author Topic: Married bank worker stole £2m and spent the lot on call girls! £1m went on ONE!  (Read 2766 times)

Offline smiths

That's what I thought first when reading the article, I was expecting Miss Thailand 2009, but got Mrs mop, very average looking middle aged Thai hooker, maybe he should of set aside a couple of quid of that cash to laser eye surgery!

But it just goes to show how good Thai hookers are at extracting large amounts from weak minded blokes, I see and hear about it all the time in Thailand, if Kookai has any sense she'd of transfered most of the cash back to LOS, no doubt built a massive mansion in Backofbeyondburi, bought her extended family pick-ups and motorbikes , and be the local Queen of Sheba.

Yes a very plain looking woman, i wouldnt be so stupid whatever a WG looked like though. ;)

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