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Author Topic: Crème de la Crème! (Was Vendella)  (Read 2260 times)

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Offline shagbambi

Met Vendella end of last year, as she was called then.

Her comms are very good, again pre-booked a few weeks before.  I booked her for a 2hr incall.
Arrived in the evening for the punt.  Was given road address in Lambeth but not flat number.  Would not call it the nicest place to be waiting around for your punt in the dark!

Was eventually given the number right on the dot for the meeting to start.
The photos are accurate particularly those in the gallery section.

V was dressed immaculately in beautiful set of lingerie.  She had taken the time to read my profile and note my lingerie fetish.  This was pointed out to me.  Well done V.  Very curvaceous and a lot of woman, she is tall, easily six foot when on heels.  I would not consider her fat, but neither is she a waif.  She says she is American but I doubt it.

She talks to much, so slowing her was quite a job.  Got to shower and then bedroom time!

I found her a bit over the top, quite theatrical, some may like it, I did not.  A bit of time wasting here and there.  She pre-booked my cab for precisely the end of the meet to ensure I left on time.  Considerate maybe, but I felt hurried by it in principle.

Oral was quite straight forward, sex in two positions.  Was told how sensitive her breasts were so my pawing was not appreciated.  Performed oral on her too, she moaned a little too much...

What I found interesting was that after I came she used a warmed face towel to wipe me off.  First time I have ever come across this and it is infinitely better than wipes.

So in summation her attention to detail is very, very good but her over all style is not for me. Coupled with what I see as time wasting and clock watching I would not go back.


1 review(s) found for Crème de la Crème! linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)


Thanks for the review - sorry it was not that great -looked at her profile - Gave up after 30 seconds - WOW too much info.

And also way over my budget at £200 ph!!


Thanks for the review - it confirms my suspicions. WGs who write reams about how great they are, usually aren't.  It's like when you go to a restaurant and the menu reads like they've hired a booker prize winner to write it, You know you're in for a disappointing time.

Offline shagbambi

Continuing with your analogy, I think the longer the restaurant is open the more pages they add to the menu.

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