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Author Topic: Orgasm Denial  (Read 676 times)

Offline softlad

I saw this listed as service provided by a dominatrix type WG......
Now I like a bit of mild 'dom' as  much as the next guy.... :scare:
but don't see the point if it doesn't end in a climax.  :(

Am I missing the whole point ?

Online James999

Orgasm denial, isn't that more commonly known as Marriage?

Offline ladyteeny

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you are kinda missing the point!  :lol:

denial is about making someone on the edge of cumming hold it for a bit longer, and it's about giving control of WHEN you have that orgasm to somebody else.

most of the time it DOES end in climax,... eventually!  ;)

(spoken as someone that does orgasm denial and the poor suckers keep coming back for more lol!)

Offline softlad

you are kinda missing the point!  :lol:

Aah...... :blush:

I've seen quite a few who have been experts at 'full O denial'..... :sarcastic:

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