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Author Topic: VIPBUSTYBABEXX on AdultWork  (Read 982 times)

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Offline Metal Geek

I was instantly drawn to VIPBustyBabe after seeing her pictures, she's just my type, 20 years old, curvy with big boobs, and although she doesn't have face pictures on her profile she's a good looking girl. Might be a bit little chunky for some of you on here, but I'm not into stick thin girls - not what I'd call fat though.

Communication was good, we discussed what I wanted from the appointment over email, and she mentioned that although it states OWO is off the menu on her AW profile, she will do it for an extra £10. Feeling a bit stingy I said that's ok I'll just go covered. I also asked If she could do a smoking fetish session, which she said was fine.

Day of the booking she sent me the address, I'd already guessed it was probably the same place in Hebburn that Kara works from, and I was right - so be aware there will be 1 or 2 other girls at the same flat. Plenty of parking, and really nice location, although last time I was there to see Kara it was on the ground floor and this time it was right up on the top floor - I was already a bit out of breath before I even got there :)

When I got upstairs I didn't even have to knock, she was waiting for me at the door, I was immediately impressed - very sexy, high heels, tight little outfit, and very pretty. Bit too much makeup, but you could tell she'd put a lot of effort into her preparation. Got the money out of the way, and she offered me a drink but I declined. So we soon got down to business.
Although as I said she states no OWO on her profile, she didn't bother with the condom :) So make sure it's clear at the start if that's really what you're after. Her technique was excellent, with good eye contact throughout. I asked if she minded if I went down on her, so we switched places. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, and we certainly didn't need to use any artificial lubrication later. Proceeded to more OWO, and I asked if we could try 69. To be honest it was a bit awkward, for some reason couldn't quite get into a comfortable position so we moved onto some missionary.

She asked me to put on the condom to avoid puncturing it with her nails - have to admit I prefer when the girl puts it on as I usually lose wood if I do it - but I'd taken 25mg of sildenafil that morning to see if it helped and I was rock hard throughout :) Moved quickly to missionary, but I lasted only a few minutes. She asked when I'd like the smoking fetish to start, so we did it while I was on top - I know it's not many people's taste but it works for me. Again I like it when the girl offers to clean you up afterwards, but in this case she just handed me the wet ones.

We had a nice chat lying on the bed naked and stroking each other, never felt rushed at all, in fact I was the one that eventually said I should make a move.

All in all a very positive punt for me, so I'd definitely be looking to repeat in the future, but for an hour next time. Very pretty sexy girl, with nice firm but natural boobs, not slim, and a bit heavily made up though. Good attitude, and nice communication - although she did take a day or so to respond to emails. Hopefully she sticks with it, she's only been doing this for a month. And I hope she changes her profile name, I had no idea what to call her.

https://www.adultwork.com/2390024 or https://www.adultwork.com/VIPBUSTYBABEXX

3 review(s) found for BUSTY_TIFFANYXX linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Metal Geek

I see she's now renamed herself BUSTY_TIFFANYXX so that solves one of the issues I had with her.

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