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Author Topic: Raveena - Kensington Babes  (Read 661 times)

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Offline shagbambi

So I was horny, and had a gap in my day and against my better judgement ordered through this agency and proceeded to punt.

I organised for an incall, one hour, 150.

Agency took booking, they called back after I called them and nobody answered.  First warning bell.
Directed to Bayswater appartment.

Went along, arrived 5mins early and rang.  No reply.
Girl busy...Second warning bell

On the dot rang, no reply. Third warning bell.

SMS'd agency, they called back asking me to give girl time to shower. Fourth warning bell.

Went back 10mins later, door answered.
Girl was a lot chunkier than I expected and almost certainly not the women in the pics.  So I suppose I can ring a couple of more bells for this.

But fuck it! I nearly walked, but needed a shag and reminding why the last chunky girl I fucked was fifteen years ago after a bottle of whisky.

As shags go it was average.  Kissing very good.  Oral covered, my request.  Came twice in different positions.

Halfway through the punt the bell started ringing, next punter!  Fuck! The alarm said to me, I told you so you stupid bastard.

The moral of the story (quite a few)

1. Don't think with your dick.  Normally I do a lot of research and book my punts a week or two in advance, spur of the moment, gap in the diary does not work.

2. Leave chunky girls to the chunky specialists

3. When the first alarm bell rings run.

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