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Author Topic: Lena Love Edinburgh  (Read 4676 times)

2 review(s) for Lannalove (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Cactus

I saw Lena Love about a week ago at her incall flat near to the Grassmarket.  I prefer not to review in the spur of the moment, so held off till now before reviewing.

Thought that it was a nice area, but felt very exposed going in as it's on a very busy street.  Paid for parking just round the corner, £2.40 an hour, Edinburgh is getting silly for parking.  Anyway, the positive opinion of the flat from the outside was very much let down upon entry, a real stink of weed going up the stairs, although not coming from her place it has to be said, then I got to her door and went in to a hall with no lights on, bare floor boards, plaster haning of the wall and poorly decorated.  Was shown through to her room, which to be fair was alot nicer, with a double bed in the corner.

Lena herself was fairly attractive dressed as requested in stockings and a short skirt and is definately the girl in the photos, which is a bonus.  She's tall (I'm 6ft1" & in her heels she was about my height), good set of legs and a fairly pretty face, hair was a bit of a mess & too much (orange) make up on her face.  Handed over the £70 for a half hour as agreed, kissed a little (I didn't like the way she kissed, open mouthed, but with no tongue), got myself stripped off then she proceeded to give a really good deep throat blowjob, plenty eye contact etc, she noted that CIM wasn't allowed, which isn't the end of the world.

She then stripped for me and this is when I realised that I wasn't having a particularly good time, she wasn't the freshest downstairs and this is when I decided that RO was off the menu, which is a shame as it's usually up there with my fave activities.  I fingered her a bit and she did get very wet, even squirting a little, then on with a durex extra safe and some below average shagging ensued in missionary and doggy before I finished in the durex.  Fairly slim, but a little podgy round the middle and her tits are saggy have a lot of excess flesh, like she's lost alot of weight at some point.

Cleaned up, had a bit of a chat, seemed a nice enough lass, probably older than her profile claims.  Asked if I could use her toilet as I like to as a minimum wash my hands and face after a punt, no lights though, so this was a nightmare, fuck knows how she gets scrubbed between punts, might explain the lack of freshness downstairs.

Was a little peckish as I was heading off so picked up a bag of crisps and a drink from a local shop round the corner.  Eating crisps I got a whiff of her fanny on my fingers, dry heaved a bit and decicded that she's geting a negative for her efforts.  Shitty flat I can just about live with, not offering washing facilities and not being fresh for a punter is unforgivable.

Location - 3/10, very exposed
Flat - 2/10 - would have been zero but her room itself wasn't bad
Looks 5/10
Body 6/10, great legs
Service - 3/10
Stench - 0/10

Honestly wish I had walked, I needed a good punt to get rid of the funk i've been in recently with the paid for sex scene, this was far from it.  Time to take a break I think.  Been seeing a civvy lass who is far better looking, a better shag and far more reliable than any of the "professionals" I've seen recently.

https://www.adultwork.com/2104905 or https://www.adultwork.com/LenaLove
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2 review(s) found for Lannalove linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Marmalade

Sounds like a bit of a scrubber and hence overpriced. Shame everything else is shit if she does a good BJ. And at least your review balanced up the "positive" review from a two-post poster.
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One day I want to see 10/10 for STENCH -" summer fruit fragranced!"


Offline Cactus

Sounds like a bit of a scrubber and hence overpriced. Shame everything else is shit if she does a good BJ. And at least your review balanced up the "positive" review from a two-post poster.

It was a shame, as the bj was good, but the scrubber description fits perfectly. On further reflection she was a mess & had a whiff of stale booze about her, hair scraped back & was borderline munter territory. So perhaps I was even a little "fluffy" in my scoring of the punt.

phew, had a fri 30 kin session booked - just cancelled as a result of this thread, thanks

First post...be gentle!!

I agree with the points about the flat, but I've seen Lena twice now and had a cracking time both times. Friendly, chatty, enthusiastic, and I thought she was gorgeous...!

Only time I ever saw her was for outcall to my place. August last year according to the timestamp on the photos I took. She was working 'incall' out of the Executive Sauna in Rose Street at the time, so hardly high class. :thumbsdown:
Awful punt. I clearly articulate what I am looking for and what I am prepared to pay (in this case the bill was running to 250ish for 2 hours as I recall) and as usual once the money changed hands then everything was off the menu and she was waiting to get out of the door. Spent a hell of a lot of time talking about how much more she could be making on other bookings  :dash:
As for her looks, if she actually exercised she would be a 9 or a 10 but then I would have given her a 6 because of the belly.

Offline Marmalade

Quite disgusting, I know, but I found Cactus' review positive. I wouldn't RO a upchuck-smelling fanny but I quite like the lingering smell (like wine, better after it's aired).

not one review on adultwork says she has a rotten crotch, either you got her on a bad day or people reviewing on a.w are too soft to tell the truth.

Offline Marmalade

Maybe her b/f had just given her a good smegging  :lol:

Offline Cactus

not one review on adultwork says she has a rotten crotch, either you got her on a bad day or people reviewing on a.w are too soft to tell the truth.

I'm not going to state that she had a smelly fanny for a laugh. The punt had some positive elements, which I noted, but ultimately her freshness deprived me of one of my favourite sexual pastimes.

She had a hangover when I saw her too & still smelt of drink, probably one too many sherbets at the pub the night before, slept in for our pre arranged punt & headed down without a proper wash. Also, given the state of her bathroom & lack of light in there, I can only imagine how bad her minge smelt later in the day when it had more of a workout, since I was her first punt & saw her arrive via. Taxi.
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Offline bluemerc300

No longer works in her flat on the grassmarket but now works from her small flat down leith.
Been with lana a few times now and have to say not as looking good as she used to..short hair and very chubby :(
Was greeted with a very passionate kiss and then straight on her knees for her famous blowjob very deep throat and lots of eye contact ...usual standard sex then finished off shooting my cum on to her tits
Overal 8/10 for service
5/10  for looks
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Offline edinhotcock

Will def have to disagree bluemerc300! Saw the sexy bombshell last week and she gave a 5 star service
Lena love is a great scottish love machine...has a wicked sense of humour and a wicked mouth to match... that done wonders on my cock lol.
Great hour spent with her.was hard finding her flat in a quite area north of the city (which is good in the sense very private etc)...but good communication got there in the end.
And belive me guys was well worth the 110 pounds! Will hopefully be back for more! :yahoo: :D
Banning reason: bluemerc300

Offline Tjkooker

Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline hotbody1998

Will have to agree she is a skank looking hooker!!! But not a skank in bed.average :scare:. Saw her a couple of weeks ago in her dingy flat!! Her pics on her adultwork gallery pics must of been taken a long time ago.and in her videos she looks hotter..but in real she is fairly tubby and shit tattoos on her arms and above her fanny..not my thing though so we cant blame her for that.
on the punt itself she is ok ..seems like she enjoys her work..my god can she squirt thought she peed the bed  lol..blow job was ok but deepthroat is not my thing..she even attempted to put her tongue up my bum which is no for me...lol
Finished with missionary sex then finished off shooting my cum on her face and her big brown nipple tits
needs to sort out her flat bad lighting and no showerb4 or after which is off putting..just an average punt have had much better
looks 5/10
punt   7/10

Service 7/10
Banning reason: bluemerc300

Offline Tomboy22

How long ago exactly did you see her? Was it April?

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