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Time for another one.
On a very rainy night in Bristol last week.

This lady has been on my hotlist for quite a while and as she was in Bristol which is about a 30-40 min drive I thought that i'd have a try.

Comms - Good
I texted Mayzeel the day before to enquire whether she would still be in Bristol, a prompt reply confirmed this.  On the day, I requested an evening appointment and this was also confirmed really quickly and a postcode was sent.  On arrival I was given instructions to the venue.

Location - Bristol Harbourside.
Very nice apartment.  I could hear someone else there but this didn't bother me.

Service - On arrival, the first thing that I noticed was that she has packed on a few pounds since the photos on her AW profile were uploaded but it is definitely the same girl and her age is about right/as described.  I don't normally go for girls bigger than size 10 and was debating whether to walk but I quickly found that she had one of the best attitudes of any WG that I have met so this more than made up for it.  Great service, nice OWO, cowgirl, mish and finally finishing with doggy.

Overall - Despite my initial disappointment in the end this was a good punt, she does have some nice tits and a clean shaven fanny which is quite tight.  I enjoyed myself but not enough to go back.

14 review(s) found for New mayzeel linked to in above post (8 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

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Thanks for the review.   Was there any FK on offer or does 'at discretion' mean 'No' in her case?   Also, can you give an idea of what dress size she is?
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Not sure if FK/DFK is on offer, as a rule I don’t kiss WG’s (personal preference).
Dress size is 12/14 but she’s definitely not flabby. Her profile photos suggest a size 10 IMO so I am estimating against those?