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Author Topic: Help needed in Newport/S.Wales  (Read 591 times)

I'm new to UKP and new to punting and new to S.Wales. My work is going to be bringing me here regularly now so thought I would ask for some expert advice !!
Some questions from a novice punter.
There seems to be a lot of choice.. how do I sort the wheat from the chaff?
I am happy to pay for quality but the prices seem to vary from not much to fucking pricey. What's the going rate?
I'd like to go out for a drink or a meal before I fuck them. Should I expect to pay full whack for time spent drinking/eating - (or am I being a fool and should focus on the real prize. ?!?!?)
For me there's nothing finer than watching a woman who loves to fuck doing just that so if anyone has any recommendations I'd be really grateful.
My research has turned up Vivian who sounds great. Can anyone offer an opinion. She's not cheap but is she value for money??
Thanks guys .... CharlieT

Offline aardvark

Charlie, you need to post a link if you are asking about a lady.  If you post a link, someone on here can probably comment.

If you are going to take them for a drink/meal you will almost certainly have to pay for their time - as well as the drink/meal.  You should be able to negotiate a reduced rate for 'social' time.  You probably also need to make sure that they are presentable enough to take out.and can carry a conversation before you take them out (if they are EE) or your social time won't be very social.  May be best to leave the social time until you have seen them in the flesh at least once, or not bother at all.  You could take a bottle of wine with you to the booking to drink together as an ice breaker. Beware of treating it too much like a date, or lines could become blurred in your own mind.  Probably best to concentrate on the main prize!!!

As far as going rate is concerned, how long is a piece of string.........!!!!  You should be able to get a decent girl for £120 odd, but there are some good girls who are cheaper.  Others on here may disagree on that price.

Good luck!

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