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Has anyone any experience of getting some kind of all in one deal where you can get basic accommodation, laundry, food and massages etc all in one?  Any recommendations on where I can perhaps find this much appreciated.  I have been to Thailand a few times before but would like to explore this set up if I can on my next visit in Jan.

Offline Stickitin

No, don’t think it exists. You might get breakfast included but that’s it.

Offline scutty brown

go round to your local thai parlour or restaurant and ask whether anyone has a friend or sister or mother back home who would offer that kind of service

Online RogerBoner

It would be too decadent for one such as I to enquire after someone's mummy  :rose:

Offline Cygnus

Just stay in a guest house in a busy soi you will find what you need locally. :rolleyes:

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Charm the girl who sorts your room out......

Some years ago in Chaweng, Koh Samui went into a hairdressers to get a haircut.

Sat comfortably getting my hair cut, girl asks if I want a beer. So sipping a Singha beer we get chatting while she cuts my hair.

Then she whispers in my ear, "Would you like to fuck me".

Top girls these Thai lasses, multi taskers who know what a man wants.  :cool:

Gave her a 1000 baht tip for the fuck (about £13 in those days).

Top fuck, nice beer and not a bad haircut either.  :drinks: