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Decided to dip my toe into the world of punting during a trip to Bristol and Bex has so many good reviews I decided to test the water for myself with her.

Comms were excellant and booked via AW at her request. Initially I had asked for 1/2 hour for £80 as this was my 1st punt. Being diligent I reviewed her to death and decided to go for an hour for £130. This was agreed by text well in advance and adding the extra time wasn't an issue.

Central Bristol location with plenty of accesable parking nearby. I had walked as I was staying in a hotel near by. Txt when I was a couple mins away and was given the flat number straight away. Got there and buzzed up and was let in straight away.

Looks and Personality
Not having seen her private gallery wasn't sure what to expect but I was disappointed. Bex is an attractive girl and her body size is accurate as a size 6. Yes she has fake tits but they look fine (I prefer them natural in all honesty). As has been said Bex is very chatty which I didn't mind, didn't want a silent type especially for my first punt so it worked for us both.

The Punt
Buzzed the flat and was let in straight away so no hanging around the street, Bex opened the door and as soon as it was shut she immediately started with FK and this lasted several minutes. Into the sitting room and was offered a drink and introduced to the cats and sat chatting for a minute or two.
Moved to the bedroom and more FK and she slowly started to undress me and could feel movement from the old boy. Was offered a shower which I declined as I was fresh from the hotel shower. Onto the bed and started OWO and her skills are very good including deepthroat and no gagging in sight. Sucking on the balls was also on the menu and she varied between the two. No hand action on the cock which is exactly what I wanted and it was all taken nice and slow. Brief interlude as Bex was dying to show me her new puppies and took great delight in stripping off. Back to more OWO and after this going on some time I suggested  that I was almost ready and asked her if she would swallow to which she replied 'if you want me too' that was it full steam ahead and I released the lot which went straight down her throat and on she kept going teasing with her tongue as she went.
Lay cuddling before asked if I wanted a massage which I duly accepted. This was a pretty decent massage with just the right amount of pressure to my liking. This was done mainly around the shoulder area at my request before moving down south a bit.
After the massage Bex asked if I was ready for round 2, I said to give it a go but didn't hold up too much hope as it was too soon after for me. Was offered face sitting to try and improve the situation but I knew I was already a lost cause, I also knew we were over-running the clock so didn't to take the piss, like I said my 1st punt so not wanting to take advantage I decided to call it a day. As we had gone over the time there was no hint of clock watching. Got dressed and handed over the tokens a FK goodbye and off into the night.

All in all was more than happy with the service received, for my 1st punt I didn't want to have FS so worked perfectly for me. Going to try some local girls but would love to definitely return to take Bex up on more of the services on offer.

82 review(s) found for englishrebecca121 linked to in above post (73 positive, 4 neutral, 5 negative)

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Not having seen her private gallery wasn't sure what to expect but I was disappointed.


Thanks for the review and welcome to punting.

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Thanks for the review and welcome to punting.

I take it he meant he wasn't disappointed.

Cheers for the review OP. Good lad, 1st punt and a review to go with it. That's more than some have done in years on here!