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Part of an extended group who's reason d'etre I don't fully undertsand and I've had 2 negatives,1 neutral and 1 positive with out of the girls I've booked.

Comms easy enough AW email usual withheld number between 30-0 mins before the booking with this lot for the room #.

Location GCHQ hotel fit for purpose not the Cafe De Paris.

Duration 1hr £130

Girl This was a negative photos are well photoshopped she is larger and shorter than I expected and not exactly that attractive,massive tits which is of no real consequence to me.However she has stopped a negative by being a really nice young girl(age seems right).

Meeting Well I'm disappointed looks wise however as money isn't an issue and I've driven for 40 mins it's into the shower and down to it.
Firstly there is a lot of talking(too much) some of which involved suggesting an oily tit wank,I hate being covered in oil so knocked that off.Anyway nice enough blow job,RO,fingering and 69 followed by a bit of doggy which gave me a chance to read the fire evacuation instructions on the door as I really wasn't feeling it.
Decided to say I wanted to cum on her tits to get it over with,she laid on her back fine and then got the bloody oil out and gave me a tit wank on the end of the bed which had an air of inevitability.
She went off to the shower to clean up then said it was free so I had one and came back dressed.
When I came back she was clearly surprised I wasn't ready for round 2,some more chatting tell her I'm sorry we didn't click at which she seems really deflated as she really enjoyed things.
No idea how long I was there.

Conclusion It's a generous neutral as she did seem like a really nice girl and I'm sure she would be fine for a lot of people,photos are a bit disingenuous however.
I don't get the impression she will last long escorting either.
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