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Went to Avarus last night for their orgy party. Signed up through joy clubde and received and $10 discount for $80 total. Pretty easy to get there. Just got on the underground to seestrabe. It’s only a block of so away and it’s part of a big building where the first several floors are a fitness center, then a billiards floor and finally averus is on the top floor.
 There was several people already waiting at 7pm when they opened up. They let people in groups in assuming so there was enough time to change and not having a full on rush all at once. You get a key to the locker rooms and change. Some things were anywhere from naked to sexy dresses. Most the men were in shorts and a shirt. A couple fully dressed in a nice half suit. Once changed you give your key to the bar and they hold it until you leave.
 The first room is the bar lounge area. The bar has a full selection of drinks including beer and cocktails. Behind the bar is the separate smoke room. Off to the right is the restrooms, showers, hot tub and both a dry and wet sauna. Left side of the rooms are the play rooms. Plenty of space with a gyno chair, sex swing, several beds and a separate room with bed as well.
The first hour or so it just having drinks and socializing. I spoke to a few people but not being a native speaker conversations for me were limited. Really lively crowd otherwise. About an hour in a few girls went to the playrooms and guys started circling up. Bbbj’s were readily available and all sec was with condoms on. It seemed to go on in waves. Lots of women getting gangbanged and also people going one on on or in private threesomes in the separate bedroom. I did notice several women there who were there to entirety of the night but never going in to play. Just hanging out and enjoying the drinks. It was my first time here so I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. All in all for the price it was a great time. I got three fucks in and had ample whiskey so for the price for the five hours I was there it was a great night all around.   

Yeah, Berlin, that probably would have been the most helpful part.

I wrote a review about Avarus a while ago as well:

On the night i went there (also a gang bang night, on wednesday), it was very quiet. So much so that i haven't bothered to visit that club again.

But this new review gives a little hope that there might be actually busier nights there so it might be a worthwhile alternative to let's say Erlebniswohnung or Anni Porsche on Wednesday since there really isn't any other parties in Berlin on that day.

The steep price (70 eur) puts me down a little 'tho. I've used to get a top notch action for that price.

I’ve done both anni Porsche and ewr (though not this trip) and my preference would be averus. Didn’t get as many fucks in to be sure but it was a nice atmosphere and wasn’t super aggressive other than a couple of people. I’ll probably go again this Wednesday. Still have a couple if insomnia parties the next few days and will hit up Artemis again before the week is up.

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Good review, so how much action did you get there?