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Booked after reading positive reviews on here.
Punt 2/3

Called 2 hours before meeting. No answer. Text back in "txt spk" to arrange the meet. Specifically asked for an hour as the 1/2 is a bit pricey and of course the blue pill previously.

Bristol suburbs. Can't remember exactly but it was a council block of flats in BS15/BS16.

£80 for 30 mins

Waited in the car and called her for the exact number and directions form the car park.
Had a call back and she told me over the phone.

Block of flats are a bit rough, people coming and going. Very thin walls/floors.

She answered the door.
Youngish lady around 30. Lots of fake tan. Fake lips. Very "Geordie shore".

Had a quick chat about work, life etc.
Then she asked how long. I said an hour.
Nope, she thought I wanted 1/2 an hour. Had another client coming in 35 mins.

Wasn't offered a shower but luckily I showered/brushed/shaved at work. Bathroom was a tip.

Started faffing about with music on her phone and putting a cat into the room next door.
Closed the bedroom window then lost her phone again. Wasted 5-10 mins.

She started with OW which was decent, didn't bother me about OWO.
FK was not on the cards. I went in but she moved her head.

Then we moved into missionary. Probably not her best position as she has a bit of a belly.
I finished up as quick as I could.

We had a few mins left so she offered massage and a chat.
The massage consisted of her just running her long nails over me which was actually the best part.
She was talking a load of crap about going out and being invited on a night out but has clients to see etc.

As I got dressed she was dousing her body in deodorant ready for the next guy who I happened to pass outside as he was on the phone getting directions too.

Negative due to the poor time keeping, didn’t shower for next client so assume didn’t before I arrived and time wasting nonsense.
Photos aren’t that accurate but should have been expected.

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Thanks for the review

What seems poor hygiene  :vomit: and conveyer belt service  :thumbsdown: