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I had been looking at her profile and being one of the first to review Nina and Vanessa, I am a great fan of both, I thought this might not tick all the boxes.

Tempted again, I arranged a one hour Massage, all by text, one morning a few weeks ago, the venue was off Coronation road in the Southville area, a very nice purpose built apartment with pay and display parking nearby.

Sam is a intriguing lady, Polish, a perfect "young Milf", beautiful skin, perfectly manicured hands and feet, all important to me.

The massage was excellent, totally professional with oils and the correct pressures, she is obviously trained. On the turn over is when things really improved, she put her breasts to my face and I gently licked her nipples, she then assumed a cow girl position with her skimpy knickers and bum toward my face as she gently wanked me off, my face moved toward her beautiful feet which I kissed and was no good, I had to lick those knickers, I pushed my head toward her cunt which was peeping through, moved the string to one side and gently kissed her willing pussy and that point I exploded. One of the great erotic massages. I think she is on holiday, a return though is a no brainer.

She is also very well read with perfect English as she did chat in the early part of the massage, had a shower after chat again then left on the hour.

Sorry, as usual I cannot do the link and don't really want to ask my Secretary to do it for me.


12 review(s) found for Sensual.Sam linked to in above post (10 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline horsa

You think you could go further with her?

Great review!

I'll definitely have to give her a visit soon. This is exactly the sort of thing I enjoy.

I was going to go back to the College Green place but if I can organise this instead, I will!

You think you could go further with her?

I doubt it, but in this instance I was happier having what I had, if that makes sense !

Offline willabe

Ive seen Sam about 5 times now.
She is a bit distant at first but once she gets to know you she is great.
Offer her a massage and then do what I did; use way too much oil. She ended up asking me to shower her off, which whilst being great to do didn't involve anything else physical.