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Author Topic: Hairs on my penis  (Read 2935 times)

Offline willbred

I'm just about to get the ladyshave out in readiness for a punt tomorrow myself
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I stopped caring what it looked like down there, when all of my hair turned grey, and my face became as wrinkled as my balls!

Offline Cornish sub

OMFG, call the freak squad.  :wackogirl:
OMFG, call the "What rock have you been hiding under?" squad. Have you never heard of back, sac and crack waxing? Very popular male treatment. I only go for the sac (and cock) part, but what's the big deal? Nothing freaky about it whatsoever.

Offline Urban_G

Be careful of using hair clippers down there, once when I did it, it nicked my skin and started bleeding. Had to cancel the punt that day as I knew if the wg saw it she'd refuse to give me OWO.

I still use the clippers above my dick etc, just not directly on it or my nuts. Now I just use a normal gillette razor at the end of a bath or shower, no gel needed and I've never cut myself this way.

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