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Author Topic: Barby in North London anyone?  (Read 981 times)

Offline bestbefore

https://www.adultwork.com/2375352 or https://www.adultwork.com/Barby+Sexy+Love

This one caught my eye -

scam? B&S? stolen pics??…..

Anyone seen her?

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Offline dantheman

Think she was in Southampton last week, HL but she then went to another town.
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She is near me a 20/25 mins drive away in North London!! she does look very Hot and Sexy

Any more info ?

Will email or text and see if I get an answer back


Just seen the date on the pictures - says 11/3/2014 - so maybe very recent pics

Offline Bratpack

If you scroll on the "more options" and click on "view a map of the area..." it takes you to a location very close to New Southgate rail station. That location is within about 100m of where I saw Hot Katalina about 15 months ago though she may have moved in the meantime. Given the location and her nationality, it's a possibility that she is a flatmate of Hot Katalina.


Agree its N11, there are several new and existing girls in and around N11 - Also Kat seems to be back in London N11 so maybe sharing?

Offline abdul

Pictures are looking genuine to me but can't rely for the price.
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