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Author Topic: Anyone done a 3some with Smiley Sindy and friend?  (Read 1909 times)

Offline Sedlmayer

Has anyone had a threesome with Sindy and her new friend please? I'm seeing her tomorrow and a threesome is a possibility, but just wondered what it might be like, if anyone's tried it. I don't have any reservations about Sindy (seen her 6 or 7 times) and the price is good........ :unknown:
Very grateful for any input, thanks.

Offline BlackWizard

I'm very interested in doing the same with Sindy but I've been trying to find a good read on her partner as Sindy comes quite highly recommended around these parts.

Hoping her friend is similar.

Can I get the same info 385North?

Offline titanph

Could you post it on the thread 385north, I know i'm interested, i think a lot of others would be too.

Offline 385North

Nothing juicy I'm afraid fella's; just explaining to Sedlmayer that I made a booking for the same duo but then opted for an hour with just Sindy instead - full review here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=26240.0

I bailed on the threesome because Sindy's friend changed her name on AW twice in one week before the profile finally vanished completely the day before our booking. Her profile pics were also fake and skimmed off some Hungarian escort site. I didn't fancy taking the risk on a seemingly unreliable unknown, despite the recommendation from Sindy who I know quite well, and so opted for the time with just Sindy instead. I PM'd this info initially because in my opinion this in no way reflected badly on Sindy and the services she provides and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.

I'm sure Sedlmayer will post a full review and I for one can't wait to read it.
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Offline Sedlmayer

Sindy said that a threesome was available if I wanted, and in the end I decided to go for it because I know her and a bit of trust has developed, and the price (£180 for 2 girls for an hour) was good.
This is called "punting" after all..... ;)

Sindy and her flat have been described here several times, bottom line is everything's fine. The only possible question mark was her friend, who is Mia Diamond www.adultwork.com/2150238 but I thought, well, if she turns out to be one of the ugly sisters I can always just tell Sindy that I want our usual hour together, and never mind about your friend, sorry and all that.

Now what puzzles me is why there has been all these profile changes etc etc which have (justifiably) raised suspicions. Mia is a attractive Hungarian girl in her 20's, quite tall, slim toned figure and long honey-blonde highlighted hair. Very fit with a great firm little bum and great legs. Personally I have to deduct points for breast implants, but they're far from the worst I've seen. She was friendly, smiles a lot and enthusiastic. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again.
So why all the shenanigans with the profile?  :unknown: - there's nothing to hide, she's a nice girl and value for money at £90/hr 1-2-1.
The current profile picture may or may not be her - certainly the hair colour is different - but her figure is like the girl in the Gallery pics, so it's not a totally unfair representation I guess.

The session itself was very good - basically a marathon foreplay with loads of snogging, stroking oral etc etc - really nice. Having one of then kissing the face off you whilst the other gives you vigorous fellatio is a great experience. As is having Mia straddle your face so you can lick her lovely smooth pussy whilst Sindy gives you a sensual oily HJ.
You're starting to get the picture? This was £180 well spent.

Now, here's the thing - there are two types of 3sum. Ones where the girls focus all their attention on you, the paying customer, and ones where the girls, with varying degrees of authenticity, play with each other too.
This was very much the first type - I hogged all the limelight. Personally watching girls pretending to be lesbians does nothing for me and I didn't suggest that they go down on each other, or whatever.
Therefore I cannot comment on how good they would be if that is what you wanted. They might be brilliant and really into each other -I just don't know.  :unknown:

I understand that there has been confusion about Mia's bona fides, but, certainly, based upon my experience yesterday, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. I had a great time and I expect to repeat the experience in the foreseeable future. :thumbsup:  :cool:

If anyone has any queries, anything else I can clear up, you know where to find me.

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Offline titanph

Cheers for the review Sedlmayer. I think a duo with them both is an option, still not sold on Sindy's friend completely yet.

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