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Author Topic: 5STAR BUSTY CHANEL  (Read 2085 times)

2 review(s) for BUSTY DIVA (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]


Afraid I have to give Chanel a Negative. I am aware she has had good feedback from others but unfortunately i didnt have a good experience when i visited her today. I visited her at 12:15pm, her photos are accurate and she is very polite.

I asked first about the GFE she offers and asks if this involved French kissing, she told me "No Kissing" as she had a cold. I would have walked at this point if it had not been for the fact i had driven 1.5 hours for this punt !!

I then offered her the £70 for the hour and she told me CIM and OWO was £10 extra !! i politely declined, Im sure her profile says something different :-)
After a quick shower we got down to the action, well all 10 minutes of it !! I felt rushed to finish after the first 2 mins with her eventually giving me the option to CIM  F.O.C, which i kindly took.

After i went to shower thinking hopefully round two may be better. But oh no, next thing i know she's fetching my clothes to me from out of the bedroom and is dressed again !! So i check my watch when i leave 12:37pm and another one down to experience.

I can see how chanel would be a great punt on the right day, but unfortunately it wasnt for me so Chanel has to get a Negative !!

This is fucking dreadful, you've paid for the hour! I've been in this established twice and both times were average/dreadful. You only stayed there for 22 mins!

For an extra £20 you could have jumped on the Met Line and saw Nicole Spring or 10mins drive from Rayners Lane see Xena (Harrow Weald for £60ph).

This woman has only AW feedback, which is totally pointless.

Offline abdul

Actually the problem is many guys maybe come for a 15min quickie and get what they pay for a quick service later this type of guys leave good feedbacks. So this type of feedbacks we cannot judge for longer session bookings. Well it is pointless then.
Banning reason: Troll

Saw her Friday. Similar experience. Paid for 30 mins,  action lasted about 20 mins.  Did not want dfk so can't comment. I would advise everyone to avoid.

Offline 385North

Thanks Sirpuntalot,

Shame; I've had her on my hot list for a while now as she looks rather hot. Did she ask you to take a shower after the first round or did you request it? Just wondered if she perhaps assumed you'd had enough and wanted to shower and leave. Did you not raise the issue that you had paid for an hour and therefore being kicked-out after just 22 min's wasn't on? I would have. That's blatant robbery.

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