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First review fellas, newish member to the forum.
Saw Monika last week at her quite terraced house, not too far from the A1.
She is as described in previous reviews, about size 12, maybe 10 with a belly. Very pleasant.
Massage table in the downstairs front room.
I handed over money upfront, we had agreed £60 for 1 hour.
Used bathroom beforehand which was nice and clean.
I stripped off and lay face down and the Monika stripped down to a small pair of knickers.
Massage was very good and strong, she clearly knows what she is doing. A little chat but nothing to much and certainly nothing sensual about the massage.
This continued for about 40 minutes and was very good.
Turn over and she changes from hard massage to soft and gentle around my thighs, stomach and groin. She placed my hand on her arse and then I felt her tits, no complaints.
HE was good and she milked it all out.
She cleaned me up, not much oil used and then had me stretching.
Gave me a bottle of water whilst we both dressed and chatted about how long she has been here.
ON my way, just over an hour.
Excellent massage, not sensual until near the end and good finish. Very well priced, good place and plenty of places to park. 👍

Apologies, title should be Magic Hands

Offline danno2

Anyone seen or know if Monika is still working?

Tried ringing her a few times over the past 6 months or so but have heard nothing

Her ad is off Vivastreet, after popping back on a couple of weeks since.

She did change her number, what digit does the one you have end in?

And back advertising on VS. I've not been in contact, so don't know if she's taking lockdown bookings?

Can't remember her old photos being as suggestive as these new ones  :D .

Can't remember her old photos being as suggestive as these new ones  :D .

Lost quite a bit of chunk by the looks of it too.

Would be nice to think she's offering something more these days, but I doubt it...suspect it's a rub, tug and finger up the arse just as before  :lol:

Believe she has a job now doing nights so massage time limited to around tea time bookings

Offline danno2

It is the same Monica, same address.
But I very much doubt those photos are her

Been today, usual service (won't review, as I've done that before).

90% sure the photos are Monika...I was a bit cheeky and messaged her saying she didn't need to go topless if she'd prefer to slip into some sexy underwear and I'm sure the basque-and-knickers combo she was wearing was one that had been in a previous round of VS photos.

So yeah, if you're willing to breach lockdown restrictions, there's someone who's open.

Anyone got an updated link? One on here seems to be expired and I can't find her searching vs

I messaged Monika today to confirm her availability and hours. She told me 10 - 7pm. I'll be going to see her next week