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Author Topic: chances of catching a dose??  (Read 1230 times)

 I'm new to this, ill admit im clueless to how it all works.
I don't even know what dfk means and other abbreviations mean.
One thing that worries me is I don't want to catch a dose.
how best can I protect myself apart from obviously a jonny.
Do the girls at agencies have to get mandatory checked out every so often?
Especially ones who do cim ?

Online ik8133

Depends on what services you partake in, but I would say that as long as you don't do bareback intercourse I would say that on the whole you should be ok.  Take a look around on here as there are plenty threads where the very same subject is discussed.

Even If i was hitting the town with the boys for a sesh and met a game girl i would not fck her unless i was covered. Thats what jonny pockets for :)
No csa or sti's thank u.
im going through a divorce. I don't want to meet anyone yet but a mans got needs which sadly linsay lohand doesn't fulfill.
 So happy to punt till im ready to meet someone nice.
I like the idea of cim. Reverse oral. But scares shit out me incase I get a dose. Planning first one this weekend.
i looked it up and if a dude cums in girls mouth hes got a dose then shes got it. Might not even know then passes it on to next guy from owo. Ghonearrea at best.
These girls see alot of people especially if they are decent.
If you go to agencies do  they make sure the girls are squeaky clean? Especially the cim. There's one popular girl Danielle id love to see but cim puts me off her
Id hate to have to go do docs. 

Offline Taggart

There's a school of thought that you are more likely to pick up something nasty from a one night stand you met in a pub or club, than a WG who takes her sexual health seriously and has regular GUM checks and insists on condoms.

If you are that concerned, they dont go punting or just have a hand job.

Offline the fitter

all punters should have regular checks anyway

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