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Author Topic: Gabriella / Maxes Angels  (Read 2082 times)

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so, I know from much reading that most agency's / parlours are not UKP members favourite way of spending cash on prossies.. but needs must.


First time using MA today; bloody quick and efficient booking for a last minute session. Asked who was free in an hour and they gave me a few (from the £150/£200 and £250 range) they did not push the £250 at all. Had a quick look and thought "fuck it, fancy her what's a £250 one hour session like compared to a £130 - lets see"

Ive never paid £250 quid an hr and never thought I would but now I understand why people do.

Got there, very nice hotel room in Earls Court (big chain, small ish hotel) indeed but slightly obvious passing the reception which is directly opposite the entrance doors who know exactly what's going on but clearly dont give a monkeys. Showered etc. and paid - i did ask first what she did or didnt do.

Super fit girl like pictures; dressed as requested in skinny black dress and seriously high heels. Very friendly on arrival, bit of chat about what I wanted and when I explained it was first time using MA, her eyes lit up and she indicated that she would be setting the standard very high. I asked for PSE and to try some new things.

Basically, she is really nice smart intelligent attractive girl who can flick a switch and turn into the absolute filthiest dirtiest slut you could want (well, I could want and Ive had a few now).

She started off working herself up with a big vibrator on a small cunt. started to cum and I stopped her. she then gave OWO in various positions, including asking me to put my hands round her neck and force myself into her. Never done that and its pretty exciting. Very very deep throat, lots of spit, lots of dirty talk, plus playing with herself.

Flips me over so Im standing facing the bed and then rims me senseless for ages whilst jerking me off.. literally insatiable. then put me on my back and carries on. Superb.

[Then at my request, mid session, we call a russian girl ive been shagging in an Amercian city (whos up for a good time) who had asked me to hear us at it when I told her I was seeing this girl. Put the phone on the bed on speaker and the two of them are talking dirty to each other for a couple of minutes with this russian bird telling Gabriella what to do and fair play to her, she joined in and played along. ]

More OWO, more gagging, spitting, then doggy, then mish. Dirty language (at my request) asks and loves having her hair pulled whilst either cowgirl or doggy. Loves it hard. Begs for it which is fun (i know its an act, she does and you do, but when you are in the zone, is seriously good). Had her fingers then a toy up my ass whilst OWO and hand job. Insane feeling that and totally new to me. I swear at one point I had the base of a rubber dildo in my mouth whilst she rode it whilst sucking my knob. Off the scale.

I have to point out here that she has the ability to switch back to this lovely friendly girl, say when you want to ask her something or something funny happens or need a water and then a minute or two later, back to total filthy slut.

I came first time into her in cowgirl. we were about 40 mins in. Had a recharge break, nice chat about her background and she gave plenty of friendly personal info away and whilst doing it shes slowly working the old boy back to action stations and that doesn't usually happen with me. Within 5 mins she's all over it, cowgirl, again hard with hairpulling and whispering dirty stuff in your ear and then bouncing away on top asking for her arms to be held.

We cracked on then to hand job but I couldnt pop a second time but it was bloody close.

Good chat and we were over the hour by quite some before I suggested a shower, not her. Agreed to try a two girl and given the experince, I may.

In summary, that £250 got me a lot more experiences than Ive had before with a girl as fit as she is; all of it largely driven by her to show me new things and to push my limits. Cant explain it, but such a professional and fantastic session.

Online hendrix

Excellent! Gabriella is fantastic, one of my favourites for sure. A lovely woman and totally filthy slut just a perfect combination. I've never regretted a penny I've spent on her.

Offline KentAde

She'll always have a special place in my heart as she taught me the delights of anal sex....and boy was she good at it!  :kissgirl:

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