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Author Topic: Jennifer Pussy  (Read 2507 times)

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Offline scooby73


I sw Jennifer quite a while ago as a threesome with my girlfriend and was amazed by her.
She genuinely loves girls too for anyone that is interested.
Anyway, decided i had to see her by myself so went for a quick half hour.
She met me downstairs and was still a "live wire".
Banged my crotch while we were in the lift and said i give you blow job now?
A big smile came across my face but alas she was only joking.
Paperwork out the way, and she informed me that i need to be strong and hold it as she is going to make me cum quick!
She wasn't wrong.
I reckon if i didn't slow things down and "be strong", i could've been in and out in 10 minutes.
Had some nice owo and really could've easily finished right there and then.
Then she said i'm going to treat you baby and stood over me wanting me to lick her pussy, but i declined.
I knew that once i got back inside that tight pussy it was going to be tough to last so i asked her to just lay down so i could touch her body all over.
"No problem, i play with myself" and she got het vibrator out and did exactly that. After about 10 minutes she came or did a very good job of acting as her body was shaking.
Bearing in mind she had probably been pumped on and off all day long and this was nearly 11pm, this girls sex drive is amazing.
As she says she loves her job - and it kind of shows.
On with the condom and she wanted me to do her in mish which was an amazing site as she put her legs up on my shoulders and started going on about her tight pussy.
While enjoying it, i wanted it to last so i was kind of trying not to think about her tight teenage pussy!!!
After a while swapped with her on top and finished with her jumping up and down on me.
Only negatives were no fingers - such a shame as would've loved to of felt that pussy with my fingers and also felt a bit rushed.
As soon as we started mish she was on about me coming.
Overall very good and she is exactly what i like.
Fairly young, slim, petite with perfect tits. They are amazing.
Definitely recommend but i'd have your 3 weetabix first! :lol:

17 review(s) found for jennifer pussy linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 12 negative)

Online herbie007

Great review Scooby,

Shame she didn't start the BJ in the lift.

Glad you had a good time.

Offline abdul

I like when she starts playing with vibrator, a crazy hot chick. Nice review by the way. :hi:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Urban_G

Seems like she has a very enthusiastic approach to her delivery, added her to my HL.

And by the way, its 3 shredded wheat not weetabix :hi:

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