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Author Topic: Wanking  (Read 1038 times)

Offline Matium

Do you wank before you go whoring?

On the plus side, wanking will leave you relaxed and less tense and will make sure the whore has to "work" hard for her money.

On the negative side is the fear that if you wank first, you won't actually be able to "perform" when you're with her. Most men would feel humiliated.

Offline ladyofthemansion

Guys have been known to wank in the waiting room when in a parlour then walk out without having a service because he was happy with his free look.

Offline smiths

I dont wank before a punt and have rarely had a problem performing.

I don't wank for a few days beforehand, like to make a big mess on her face or tits  :yahoo:

Offline Simple

I abstain for at least several days before a punt mostly for a more impressive output for facials and CIM, and also it seems to notably improve sexual perfomance from my own experiences...

Offline SteveNova

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