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Author Topic: Olivia Blair Street Sauna  (Read 1276 times)

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Offline Jerry1972

Pleasantly surprised to see that the very passionate and accommodating Olivia has returned to Blair Street.  Dropped in when passing - earlier than the other Tuesday (i have a posting about it somewhere on the site) when they were locked up well before ten. Chatting to them in waiting room this time, the girls say they were sent home early by new owner as it was quiet. I expect everywhere is now with all the license cases on the news.
Olivia was great, though seemed a bit more stressed than usual at first but soon got into it.  I swear there is no other WG in this city that is as willing and interested in making sure you are happy as this one, even a bit of ass play thrown in too without her doing what almost all the others do - grabbing your hand and pulling it away. As long as you don't go too far with the ass play she is into it that you forget she is a prossie. I was rock hard by the time we got the bottom of the stairs, before the door had closed my hand was up the new uniforms they have and getting a good feel of that great peach of an ass that she has, past the g-string and getting a bit of early ass play in there so she knows whats coming. I would give so much to fuck her in the ass but that was always a no in the past (used to see her weekly a couple of years ago) and she is so good at everything else it doesn't matter so much and it is about the only thing she hasn't done for me so I can't complain.  She disappears momentarily - to get rubbers - then back and straight down on my rock hard cock which has a few drops of precum forming but she just licks it all up and sucks my whole length, leaving it really wet with saliva from her mouth, she keeps working it, using her tongue on the head and flicking the tip with it. I feel an orgasm coming and so she senses it too and relaxes me for a moment.  Then we begin again, can't resist forcing her to take it all, grabbing the back of her head and pulling it into my cock until her lips are against my pubic hair. Then I grab her and push her onto the bed quickly disposing of the uniform and the g-string, some teasing with my fingers and spreading her already lips apart, smearing her own juices towards her asswhole and fingering its circumference for a few moments watching her facial expressions as I do this. Finally, while playing with her pussy again I move up pin her arms over her head on the bed and knowing she enjoys everything kinky, I slide my middle finger lower and spreading her pussy juice twards her ass again, then as I DFK her, sucking on her tongue and feeling all my saliva mixing with hers I simultaneously move my middle finger into position and push. Still wet from her pussy, it pauses momentarily before, with a bit more pressure it slides right into her anus.  HEAVEN, feeling her body tense with pleasure and pain I begin to work her ass more vigorously, enjoying the faint aroma of her ass as i work it ever harder.  Sensing she is not going to let this go all the way to what I really want and now aware of just how wet her pussy is I prepare to enter her.  Before she has got the condom ready though I manage a couple of bareback rubs over her outer lips, enjoying the sensation of her wetness on my rod. Then on with the rubber and we finish off with some seriously energetic fucking in all positions, finishing doggystyle, allowing me to finger her ass again for a while (or in this case, thumb her ass, as I used my thumb to explore inside her ass more thorughly than I had earlier with my finger.  This was all too much and I soon exploded inside her - oh if only there was no condom on my dick I 'd feel like I owned this bitch at that moment.  Went again after that, but really need to persuade this girl on A levels or some serious BB action soon.

Offline Mindful

Can’t be bothered to read your “mills and boon” review but I’ll take your word that it was positive.
Good to see her back.

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