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Author Topic: Pornstar alma deluxe  (Read 9212 times)

2 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2402575) (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I punted with pornstar alma deluxe last night. I have to say, I got a hefty discount as I had taken pictures for her to use in the future. I had corresponded with her as she had an adultwork profile before  but they didn't accept her verification. I met her last night, before she had her new one which I see is up today, and getting verified I believe.

I didn't know if I can review as I got a discount, so I pm'd the mod, but I didn't get a reply. I guess I might have asked a stupid question (wouldn't be the first time). I didnt want to review without mentioning this though.

Anyway, on to the review.
Comms were as above, and easy. She's friendly and up front.

Getting there was easy, as it's a nice enough place in Central London.

The punt:
 She Looks good and as per her reported age (I had looked her up on the pornstar database). She met me in   baby doll and heels, and led me in. Once inside, business side of things handled, she fell back onto the bed and opened her legs in the air lol. She has a nice pussy, and was fresh. She takes a,licking keenly, and is very tight. We did some 69 and she seemed to enjoy a tongue in her arse too.

As I wanted the full pornstar experience (and I am sometimes very lazy) , I asked her to kneel on the floor as I lay on the end of the bed. She gave me a great pse blowjob, lots of tongue, hand and mouth and spitting....and I came all over her face and tits. 

For round two, I got a blowjob standing, amp gain pornstar style, and she slapped my cock against her lips and face...which was nice and set the mood. After a bit of wet blowjob, on with the condom. We had sex in missionary and doggy, at which point I wanted her arse. She has a nice tight little butt, so she lubed up as I watched, and in is slid. I had to go slow for a bit, as she is very small there, smaller than I am used to. The pace got faster and was quite a sight.  She does moans sexually a lot during sex, but in did ask for the porn experience.   When I was going to come, I told her, she turned round as I pulled off the condom, and opened her mouth and let me facial her with her eyes open. 

I had a great time, and she is very good vfm frankly. Her current rate is £100 per hour for pse and £50 extra for anal, though I did not pay extras as I got the aforementioned one off discount. I did also stay well over my time, but part of that was doing her pictures for future use. 

Personally I like to have some good options for gfe and pse, and I think she is my pose preference now. I'm still amazed at the rates, but I'll be enjoying myself off the back of it.

https://www.adultwork.com/2402575 or https://www.adultwork.com/deluxe+alma

It made me think of when I saw platinum Cindy was new, but didn't go, as I waited ages then made an appointment, but got flu that day.....I still haven't seen platinum Cindy.

Anyway, I thought I'd do my review here, feel free to ask anything I might have missed.

Boobs are real, and the bum tattoos shake nicely when you bum her :)

Makes up for the disappointment I had trying to book blondiesxx recently.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I don't know if the profile is gone or if I copied it wrong, but I se the link doesn't work now. Oh well..


Seems profile has gone? just did a search and no matches -shame as she sounded good from the review

Yeah it looks gone. It seems they didn't accept her verification pictures or the like. I have her email address so I'm just going to have to book that way, but I guess it means there is no point in a review anymore as no one else can do that. I'm going to try and see her again soon, I'll suggest she makes a profile somewhere. A pornstar hour for £100 with a nice one is very hard to find in my experience. I had a blast actually, and up until this I had bad disappointments recently.

I'll email her tonight to book. I won't use agency on principle. Quality punt, she should get all the money paid. No middle man.  It is her in the videos. But with black hair now. I'm def. seeing her again this week, just waiting for her to reply at the moment. I'll suggest she do another profile as agency stuff is bullshit.

any luck with contacting her? If so, can you PM me her details please  :)

She's appeared on sugarbabes agency as well at £150 per hour rate. I mean she still sounds worth that money, but if she still does take independant work then would rather go through her.

I'm seeing her this weekend. I emailed her if I could share her details and her reply was that I should "Tell them I will have new profiles this weekend". Adultwork gave her a tough time despite her doing the profile by the book, so she's making one elsewhere.

Personally I just wouldn't go via an agency. I just don't like it. At all. They take a big pimp cut for answering a phone. For the Wgs it means they lose a big chunk of money to a pimp on a phone. To punters it means hugely inflated rates. Neither is cool, I feel.

Offline Jerboa

By coincedence I saw her profile on Sugarbabes today, did some research on her Porn work, she's done a few scenes, why has she had a problem with AW? Maybe she didn't properly verify.

Well she did it by the book, hence the mystery as to why it was rejected. It's a shame as I'd have liked to see her regularly. Hopefully she will indeed have new profiles on the net. I just don't go via agencies.


Well she did it by the book, hence the mystery as to why it was rejected. It's a shame as I'd have liked to see her regularly. Hopefully she will indeed have new profiles on the net. I just don't go via agencies.

Does this means she is only through an agency?
Has she got a new AW profile?

Would like an update if possible.  Thanks

Update: she is making a site and profiles as we speak. She has to wait to hear back from aw before she knows what to do regarding aw.  I'm supposed to see her, so I can ask her for the links etc then.


Thanks for the info - hope to see her soon


Hi, just one basic question on her. Is she looking as good as on her pics, if I look at her new webpage she seams less slim that she use to be?


Only two gallery pics and not one full length. She'll have to do better than that for £200 an hour.


agree, any comment from who has seen her recently?

Where do you see that? It says £100 per hour in the link I posted. I don't know why there are few pics, she has loads. I should know, I took them, as I stated in my review.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I do not comment the price but if I compare all the pics you can find around the web and the 2 pics from her new webpage she seams different, just wanted to know your point of view since you met her :)

Online boywonder

omg, she looks like a wildebeast in her own photogallery


On the recommendation of SS on this thread I went and saw her for a 1 hour session - she does look good IMO and exactly as per her pics on http://almadeluxe.escortbook.com/gallery

I will do a review when I have 5 mins put it was a good Positive - a porn star in Central London for £100

Offline Ted Bear

£100 for PSE from a PS sounds good :thumbsup:, sounds like OP struck lucky with extra services wondering if its all inclusive - look forward to password input :rolleyes:

Offline ciscoxxx69

Great review SS...
I think this girl I must see....love a dirty talking filthmeister! :hi:

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