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Author Topic: I'm looking for regular meetings...good or bad idea?  (Read 1231 times)

Offline roadie

I've now got to go down to Brighton about 4 times a year on business and decided last time I was going to book a girl for a 2 hour outcall to my hotel. I emailed 12 girls on AW asking for a gfe, lots of kissing, RO, oral and finishing off with sex. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. I've got 100% positive feedback, so obviously not a time waster.

Due to 3 emails not read at all, 7 read then deleted with no reply, and 2 replying saying sorry they were busy that night, I ended up booking a girl from Eastbourne who was in Hove visiting her family and could travel to me with no extra cost.

Besides asking for gfe, oral, RO and sex I also mentioned I was looking for regular meets each time I was in the area. Which is true.

I read a thread on PN today where a girl mentions that if she receives an email where the guy says he's looking for regular meets, she immediately classes him as a time waster and presumes he may just be after a discount solely based on him wanting to meet her regularly.

I would appreciate some opinions on this, as I usually try and find a girl I can visit each time I'm in a certain area without all the hassle of countless emails and possible no shows.

Do you think me stating 'regular meets' is a good or bad thing?

Online Marmalade

I think there might be more subtle ways of putting it maybe. You want to keep her keen rather than judging you. And if she's crap, you're not likely to go back even if you are looking for regular meets. But girls are all different in their reactions, except ones from a 'groupthink clique' lol.

I sometimes say, I'm looking for a half hour booking for the first meeting. (Implying I might book again and maybe for longer if she's any good.) For the situation you're describing, I'd maybe let it drop, "I'm in Brighton quite often, so I'm looking for someone special I can click with."

In other words, let her read between the lines and try to be your best option.

Just my thoughts. Everyone has their own style.

Offline foresight

I think one finds regulars by chance, not by looking.

I would suggest it would be better never to mention you are looking for a regular, try out suitable girls and if you find one you like, just keep going back. If it works out - you have a regular.

  I have had several  over my punting career, in not one case was I actually looking for a regular but we clicked and enjoyed ourselves and it took it's own course from there.  i found I enjoyed the familiarity, the ease of communication and the pleasure of starting where we left off the time before.  It just has to be the right girl and because regular meets inevitably lead to fairly personal conversations, it is essential that both parties  totally understand that it is a financial arrangement and nothing more. There are pitfalls for the unwary (or immature). However nowadays I can hardly be bothered looking elsewhere as I know I can have a great time with my present regular. I do quite frequently try others but usually end up thinking 'why did I waste my money?'. Experience tells me that will change but meanwhile I am content.

Offline Wayang

I think WGs are unfortunately so cynical at times that the promise of regular business adds nothing to the first meeting.  I wish it did not as I have genuinely tried it a time or two.  Almost better to say at the start -' this is the only time I will see you.'

Question - what approach can a punter use to avoid the cynical seen it all before attitude of some WGs?  I don't do flowers, chocolates or paying to sup tea (little finger curled).

Online Marmalade

I believe the one OPs on PN use is, "I'm a bit new to this but . . . " :)

Offline Wayang

Quote from: Marmalade
I believe the one OPs on PN use is, "I'm a bit new to this but . . . " :)

At my age I don't look the part of saying 'I am a virgin..............'
nor even
' I have not done this much...........'

Offline Lurtz

I usually see new girls each visit. I went through a phase of feeling unsatisfied with new girls, I began to get a hollow feeling after a punt that the experience was meaningless, and for weeks I couldn't shrug it off. I considered looking for a regular. I mentioned this to next girl I visited because we were having a nice chat. I later regretted saying it as I thought she may have suspected I was feeding her a line for some ulterior reason. Anyway, I soon made peace with my feelings and continued seeing new girls again. No ties, no fake friendships, just undiluted hard core fun. Ideal.

Offline roadie

Thanks everyone for your replies.
TBH I couldn't see anything wrong with stating that in my initial email, as I was genuinely looking for someone who I could ring or email each time I was in Brighton just to save all the messing around trying to organise a punt each time I was down there.

But, there's been some great points mentioned above and it's seems the general feeling is I should not mention 'I'm looking for regular meets'.
So, I'll drop that from my emails from now on and see if my success rate improves.

Offline roadie

Quote from: Kate
I'm kind of glad a lot of you are not in my area, as I enjoy chatting to you and think I prefer the friendship :)

Well, I'm not far away...hehehe

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