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Author Topic: private parties  (Read 1616 times)

Offline alenski

i was lying on the bed this afternoon with this old pro.and she  was telling me about the time she and two friends used to run private parties in the north east for about 10 to 12 regulars with a proper maid serving drinks and snacks amidst the mayhem.often one the girls would serve as the first course suitably dressed with strawberries and creme ,of course this all happened years ago but i  would like to know if anyone  knows anything about private parties taking place right now.

Try googling "angels parties" in Sunderland. Seems they do greedy girl parties every Friday afternoon. I tried calling with a view to exploring this but subsequent to an earlier email in which they said I would be welcome, I never got any answer on the phone to book in. However, I only tried once .

Offline Barry Shipton

Juicy Jo used to run parties, not sure if she's more into porn these days but worth asking - as long as you don't mind a starring role in one of her videos!


Offline alenski

i have googled the site but it looks a total dead end to me,no feedback,no party photos ,virtually no information i don,t think there is  party scene in the NE!

Angels parties used to be held at a swingers club in Sunderland. Club f do a greedy girls night. Get your junk blown and get to facialise whichever sex starved middle aged housewife wants it

Offline alenski

thank you ,facial i have checked out the site and it looks very interesting however i am wondering would i stick out a mile if i joined i look around 60.

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