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Author Topic: Whatever happened to Polish/Italian Francesca 22 from Adultwork? She was awesome  (Read 1556 times)

Offline RedAlertTourist

Hello people

You may remember I wrote a "bad review" about an Escort by the name of Francesca 22. She was a Polish/Italian, Dark Brunette Haired, Browned Eyed, about 5 foot 6, had polish girl curves with Italian Pins (nice legs, calves and ass to be precise  ;)), sometimes had a fringe cut and sometimes had longish hair.

She operated out of a busy W/G Flat in Barbican London. As far as I am aware the flat is still running and many of the other girls still work there and their profile are still live and logged into.

Francesca also used to be one half of "DUO 4 YOU" and whilst they still have Francesca's pictures of her wearing sunglasses (its hard to make its her; but it is)- you'll notice when you click on the "individual girl links" it takes you to a girl who is so obviously NOT Francesca.

So does anyone know if she parted ways with the Flat? Has she retired/gone back to Poland? Does she intend on returning to Adultwork* (*or did her profile get taken down again?)

By all means PM if possible- whilst I search to see if I still have her number on my mobile call log.

Why would you want to see her if you wrote a bad review before ?????????????????? :dash:

Offline RedAlertTourist

Why would you want to see her if you wrote a bad review before ?????????????????? :dash:

Well I did see her again for a discounted follow up.

We clicked, had fun together and I had my first taste of really hard fucking (the experience of which paid off on another punt). Afterwards she did say I was more than welcome anytime and I knew what I could and couldn't expect from her.

I think it may just be that her Adultwork profile is down (as someone reported it again) but then again that "duo 4 you" bait and switch profile is proof she's probably retired/left the flat and there is another girl whose dyed her hair to make her look like Francesca.

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