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Author Topic: My secret life of punting - with some hints and tips!  (Read 12232 times)

Online Marmalade

I don't feel manipulated ...
Just miserable?

I just glanced through your posts - not much reading. Seems mostly a grumble at other punters or an anonymised post such as:

Towards the end of a threesome: "No you can't kiss me anymore - you've just gone down on the other girl" or words to that effect.

I'd just got up that morning and booked a competitively priced threesome after I chanced on one being advertised I liked the look of (as you do because life as a punter is fucking awesome).  So I hadn't given much thought to genital-oral-oral-genital two party transmission risk like that.  Fair play if anyone wants to play it super safe but as I was covered up even for oral the implication was that one girl didn't even trust the other enough to go down on her herself lol.  Girl number 1 smelt and tasted fine to me :).  Girl number two was happy to sit on my face afterwards as well but not for me to kiss her.  I don't know if one of them gave me OWO without me noticing, there was a lot going on.  Maybe she had a mouth ulcer or had just gone off me or something.  So far in my punting career she would easily win the sprint and 200m riding JV547845 championships for England.

No indication of who or when. And that was one of your longer posts mate. Is there supposed to be anything vaguely of value to other punters in that? Will you be making some sort of contribution anytime soon? or do we have to be satisfied with small mercies lest you retreat into "I can post whatever I like" and hide all sour-faced in your cot? 

Offline JV547845

What can I say.  I thought that was funny when I wrote it.  I guess you had to be there  :D.

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