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Author Topic: Losing your virginity to a prossie  (Read 4639 times)

Spent about £2500 in the year (July 2014-15).
If thats the case I have a problem Houston !

Bet the Romanian girls hate you !

Haha it was with Kylie flirt and a girl called Tina who i don't think active anymore. Tina was hotter so I lost my virginity to her. You could tell she was getting annoyed i wasn't cumming but Kylie didn't mind. I ended up having to masturbate on to Kylie's tits while Tina watched.

A lot of my punts are me wanking myself off at the end. But there's only been a couple of girls who have done it for me though with oil at the end of a 2 hour "shift".

Offline BMDingo

Yep I have to say u have lost mine too an escort and it was a pornstar which was even better candi blows about over a year ago and ever since I've got a thing for ginger girls probably why I fancied the pants off of ygritte the wildling from game of thrones

Offline phillips

I lost mine to a very pretty German girl in Amsterdam in the 1980s  :)

The next four days it was beer and sex after that...I have fond memories of Old Amsterdam  :)

Been punting ever since  :)

Offline Marmite

I imagine most wg's would handle first timers without difficulty.


Offline Aspen

With such a high percentage of bad experiences, I wouldn't recommend it. No way.

I suppose you can only wait so long though. But don't resort to it until at least mid-20's.
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Online fredpunter

I didn't lose my virginity to a wg but in some ways I wish I had. At the age of 18 (i'd had earlier opportunities but was too shy) I was desperate to lose it and ended up shagging a girl who had fallen for me who I didn't even fancy just to have sex. I don't suppose I was the first or last to behave so selfishly but I still sometimes feel guilty about it to this day (and that was a long time ago). So going with a prossie would have been much more sensible with hind-sight.   

Offline Quesadilla

With such a high percentage of bad experiences, I wouldn't recommend it. No way.

I suppose you can only wait so long though. But don't resort to it until at least mid-20's.

Agree with this to some extent - I lost mine to a pro just past mid-20's as I felt the whole virgin thing was just a stumbling block for me and made me less confident chatting up women.  I had a crap punt but this was back before the likes of AW and I was reliant on calling random numbers out of the back of the local rag.  She didn't look all that, clock-watched and I felt rushed, but ultimately it did the job and after that I had no problem chatting to women.

Nowadays I would say if you feel your virginity is holding you back then don't hesitate - but at the same time just beware - punting is so much easier these days and if you use this site you can punt far more reliably - so as a result you could easily get hooked on punting and not bother with civvies at all which I feel would be a mistake. 
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As a result you could easily get hooked on punting and not bother with civvies at all which I feel would be a mistake.
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Offline od13218

Would be interested to know if there is anybody else who, like me, lost their cherry to a prossie?  This was way back in the seventies when I was a green as grass late teeny.  The venue was a Frith Street walk-up and the ‘girl’ a supposed French mademoiselle who could have been any age between 30 and 60.  The cost – a fiver.

I well remember the admixture of abject fear, boldness and excitement that gripped me and turned my guts to water.  Like going into battle for the first time.  And like a baptism of fire it was over in no time at all.  That nervous short wait in the maid’s room, then the knock to signify that the lady was ready for me.  Then the smell of her cheap perfume, her strange ‘froggy’ accent, the feel of her hands on my cock as she gave it a quick wash in the sink.  Then onto the bed.  No time or experience to initiate foreplay.  No BJ or touching cunt or pretty much anything else.  Just entering the secret place and then a few short, lunging strokes and I was out the door a man.

In the intervening 40+ years, I have more or less done everything it is possible to do sexually with fellow human beings but I sometimes wonder if all the whoring is just a vain attempt to recapture the unique feelings and heightened sensations of that magical first time.

Yep, me too!
As a student in 1987, fed up with being desperate to pull at student parties and not quite managing it. Had wandered round Soho a few times and loved the seedy thrill of it all. Got stung twice- once by a clip joint, once by a tout. Eventually pulled myself together and went to a walk up at 3 Peter Street. English girl, big juicy tits, age ??? - all I know is she was older than me and gorgeous to my teenage, endlessly horny eyes (which frankly only means that she was recognisably female!).
Shown straight in by the maid. Told her it was my first time and she was kind; I remember clumsily devouring her tits and over-doing it- she had to ask me to be gentle! And I asked if she'd go on top- "no". So plunged in in mish, in 7th heaven, lasted about 5 pushes- which is more than I managed with Nadia last week!
Out into the street and the world is a changed place: assumed that everyone would be staring at me, somehow knowing what I'd done, and was relieved to blend quietly into the crowd. Pint at the Intrepid Fox and all was right with the world.

Bradford rld in the 80s. Happy memories!!:-)

Offline jfogle

lost mine a couple of years ago, aged 19. 55 yr old women in morden, £20 for 20 mins. hated myself afterwards but after a couple of months went to see another escort and haven't stopped since!

Although I didn't lose my virginity to a WG. I would recommend it, I wasted years on crap sex due to neither me nor my girlfriends having a clue.

+1. I had no idea whatsoever how much fun sex could be - for both/all parties concerned - until I started punting

Despite being fat and ugly, I actually didn't lose my virginity to an escort but to my ex-wife.

Knowing what I know now, I missed out!

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