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Author Topic: anyone seen unrealblackbarbie?  (Read 3957 times)

Offline oli

https://www.adultwork.com/1604408 or https://www.adultwork.com/unrealblackbarbie

have seen her in passing a few times in my local area and never thought she did this until i came across her profile on aw afterwards. At the time i thought she looked nice and dirty. Thankfully didn't approach her as she'd think I'm a weirdo but did give her the eyes. Anyways has anyone seem her and is it worth seeing her?   
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Offline dino1990

member for over 2 years, 2 hidden feedbacks. Looks genuine as anyone  :dash:

Offline baresi

i know her personally and she's been working for at least 6/7 years. definitely genuine, changes her name ,naomi,coco and jasmin are 3 that i can think of. you'll not be disappointed with the service.

Offline johno36

I visited her in South Shields about 5 years ago. Really goo BJ with CIM and over her face. We had a good laugh. She appears to have put some weight on

Offline jarrovian

Mmm.. Ive checked her profile a few times but I'm put off by the fact she refuses to show feedback

She looks nice, I might book her soon

Offline DaveMugabe

Hmm OP has 5 posts in nearly a year, all highlighting a particular escort, no reviews or any other contribution.

Offline portable

i know her personally and she's been working for at least 6/7 years. definitely genuine, changes her name ,naomi,coco and jasmin are 3 that i can think of. you'll not be disappointed with the service.

How recently have you seen her?

Like others I'm totally put of by the lack of feedback in that time, and the fact that what is there, is hidden. I recall she worked for a while at an agency (Dollybirds?). Just seems particularly odd if she's legit and apparently enjoys what she does.

Offline pierrot

Id rather try and book someone with no feedback than  one who chooses to hide it.
Usually means theres something negative to hide.

Offline jarrovian

Yeah i agree, if you get bad feedback you can always respond with your version of things, but to just refuse to allow feedback to be seen is very suspicious. I can remember seeing black barbies profile a couple of years ago and thinking "mm..that's promising" but no feedback was forthcoming. She is very dubious

I might take the risk and report back pretty lass with two big bags of fun by looks of it

Offline WillyW

Wasted a whole afternoon today due to this time wasting cow.  I was in the Washington area today so thought it's a lot closer to Wallsend than I usually am so I would give her a call.

I rang at about 2pm, she answered and sounded really friendly. I told her I would like to see her sooner rather than later to which she replied OK, she would drive home and sort something out then send me a text.

I gave her an hour and no text so I sent her one asking if she had sorted anything yet, about 10 mins later I got a reply saying she could see me at 4.30pm. This meant hanging around for another hour and a half so I asked if she could see me earlier but if not then 4.30pm would OK (at this point I also asked her to confirm the price for 30 mins as it has conflicting info on her profile).

I got a reply back saying £70 (which was good as it also mentions £90 on her profile) so I replied saying thanks and I would see her at 4.30pm and asked for the post code.  I didn't get a reply so at getting on for 4pm I rang and got no reply, this is where my cock ruled my head and I headed over to Wallsend anyway.  When I got there I rang again and still no reply so I tried a text, surprise, surprise no reply.  Rang again a few times and text again and I am still waiting (back at home now)!

Thanks Jasmine you bitch.

I've seen her three times, nice lass & good fuck check out my review in the 'girls who swallow' thread.

Offline portable

Thanks Jasmine you bitch.

I understand you're pissed off, but maybe something important came up for her?

I'm still dubious but only on account of the "conflicting" info regarding prices. I think she's only recently started charging more for certain services, (CIM, maybe anal etc) which is totally her call, but I think her "standard" rates are what I'd pay for someone offering those services anyway.

The 3rd time I saw her was within the last 3 months, I've spoke to her loads via text & she is always very responsive, her prices will be whatever is advertised on her profile page, she doesn't do anal at all, if she takes a shine to you & your pleasant with her there is a chance she will offer a little discount on your next visit, she's a really nice girl, pretty, great boobs, a little chubby but still has a nice body, friendly ,chatty, likes doggystyle & is a good fuck.

I have seen her profile a few times and always fancied a meet but had never managed to arrange one until last week when I made an appointment for 5.30, I drove all the way to Newcastle and as agreed rang her for the address at 5.20, no answer, kept trying and eventually got an answer only to be told that she couldn't see me until after 8 o clock because I hadn't confirmed the booking and had just said that 5.30 was ok. Totally wasted journey,really poor comms and very disappointing.

Offline maxxblue

This needs to be put in the reviews section, as you had booked the appointment.

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