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Author Topic: BV & Personal Hygene  (Read 449 times)

I made a reply to the post on BV earlier. I've since been on another "forum" where there seems to be a debate about standards of personal hygene amongst WG's and various punter's bad experiences as a result.

A friend of mine used to run a parlour I did a lot of his advertising and spent a lot of time there. I "sampled" several of his ladies. One, an EE girl did nothing without a condom but still had a large number of regulars. She was fastidiously clean, showering between each client and ended up with BV due to excessive use of soap!

The other girl I knew was 19, absolutely stunning ended up working for a leeds based agency at £200 for the hour. Because of her youth she'd be unreliable (not turning in for work after having a good day and blowing her money on clothes wigs shoes mobile phones) she'd stay over at the parlour between shifts and I've personally witnessed her go 2 or 3 days without a shower!!! She ended up with Thrush (or at least that was what she said the GUM told her) after going BB with an asian guy she met in a club, he eventually became a regular at the parlour!

Looking at both of them you'd think WOW I'll have some of that!

Offline smiths

Its very rare that i experience any hygiene problems with WGs but when i have i dont care what the reason is, if she smells i am off never to return. Being hygienic and smelling so is a basic in punting and WGs to a woman should know this and not be punting otherwise in my opinion. :)

Fair comment smiths! Like you in a lot of years punting I haven't had many problems with unhygenic ladies.

However the example of the two ladies (who couldn't have been more different in their approach to the job and their personal hygene) the cleanest of the two ended up with the smelly fanny! If it wasn't for what I witnessed with the other girl you wouldn't have known she was in any way hygenic. A quick wipe with a baby wipe and a spray of perfume covered a lot of indescretions!!

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