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Author Topic: Central Massage, Bristol  (Read 3019 times)

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Offline Suicune

(First post on the forum after a long period of lurking - apologies if it's mere drivel!)

I am only a very occasional punter and have exclusively visited parlours rather than independents for reasons of convenience. Central Massage in Old Market was the first 'cheaper' establishment I have been in, bearing in mind that the standard rate in the many other parlours around the city centre ranges from £60-80 for the half hour. Basic prices are displayed just outside the entrance and are £45 or double for a two-girl massage. It is located on the busier part of Old Market Street, so not as discreet as some of the others, although the entrance is very sensibly designed.

Very encouragingly, it was spotlessly clean and attractive inside, and this extended to the room. It was well-furnished and tidy with clean towels, toiletries and a shower. It is fair to say that the facilities themselves made an outstanding impression, well in excess of the situation in surrounding establishments.

It would be an understatement to say that there was a good selection of staff, and having around a dozen to choose from was almost a little disconcerting. All of the girls were in a line shortly after my entry, and very well presented - young, and of many different races and sizes. There was rather a lot of tittering and whispering in different languages, which didn't do wonders for my feeling at ease.

I quickly chose the Eastern European girl at the end of the line who had let me in. She was very petite and beautiful; friendly at first but the smiles quickly disappeared following payment in the room. I had a massage for ten minutes and then just went for hand relief rather than anything else. Very disinterested and uncommunicative despite reasonable English, and it hung over me that she continued chewing her bubblegum loudly throughout my time there and did not make the slightest bit of eye contact. Perhaps I have unnecessarily strong principles, but I refuse to be anything less than polite to girls irregardless of their attitude and given the complete lack of any willingness, initiating anything further barely entered my mind. The standard price is for massage, covered oral and sex; I did not make enquiries about extras. I was wished a vague goodbye once the time was up.

In summary, it is common sense that £45 is only going to purchase a basic, 'Ryanair service' and it is a real pity to give a negative review to a parlour that has clearly put an enormous effort into its presentation and cleanliness, in stark contrast to many others. However, Central appears to have forgone the very basics of customer service and I was not made to feel welcome in any way or enticed to return. A large part of the experience for me is enjoying a friendly chat with whoever I am visiting and despite any negative points they may have, nearby city centre establishments (The Massage Club, The Club, even Adam & Eve's), have never made me feel like a nuisance. The price might triumph everything else, depending on your point of view, but paying an extra £25 or so elsewhere for quite an enjoyable experience makes perfect sense to me. As much as I approached it with an open mind, this one doesn't.

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