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Author Topic: Punting around Worcester@  (Read 1389 times)

Morning guys,
After a bit of help. Going to be staying in Worcester with work for a few nights soon and thought as its out of my usual area I'd try and organise a punt. I don't mind a drive so Birmingham,cov etc..jst throw me your best.
Thanks in advance.

Birmingham or surrounding is must Worcs is punting vacuum

Birmingham isn't far is it? That'll do. Recommendations?

Offline vision2014

Hi nothing around Worcester apart from a couple of Czech girl who seems to be having a okay review not bad looking and good price
There are also some girls working just outside droitwich problem is they change every few days but heard nothing bad about the set up and its been running for 8 months now

any links?
no problem heading to brum, if you guys know anyone there. i can always book a birmingham hotel not made bookings yet :)

Loads around Hagley Road and a few hotels too

What are your preferences?

Fancy trying something EE if you guys have anything around you.

Offline vision2014

Have a look on AW in Worcester elisa and couple of other girls work in Worcester EE girls

Offline ianp1976


was fantastic when I saw her.


You should not need to go in to Brum to find what your looking for, try also searching in Droitwich WR9 - EE girls work on rotation out of a hotel there.

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