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Author Topic: Miss sexii kitty  (Read 2494 times)

7 review(s) for miss sexi kitty (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Mark321

Phoned up for the special she had on of the 20 bj. Was very freindly on the phone which is always a good sign.
So set off and arrieved 5min before appointment. Got a text saying which door so walked down the street and arrive on time. She was wearing a robe and looked amazing. Very friendly. Was let upstairs and was asked for cash upfront. Once that was out the way she asked me to strip while she phoned her minder.as i was sitting there naked she entered and dropped her robe to reveal a amazing body with thong and bra. Oral was covered which is no problem.she asked if i would like to see her tits and began to remove her bra.before the condom went on i asked if i could just look at her naked for a min. She said thats ok no touching for the 20 special. She removed her panties and stood there smileing at me as i began to wank while lookibg at her amazing pussy and tits. After a while she began sucking me off until i coukd take no more. Was asked were i would like to cum so decided on her tits.
Definetely worth going back. Am hopeing to see her again tomorrow so will report back with a 30min review.

7 review(s) found for miss sexi kitty linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Online baresi

there's a couple of threads about her on here, i see her once a month never been disappointed,clean house, safe discreet parking and good service.

Offline jarrovian

Yeah your right, i made a mistake. Sorry

Offline Mark321

So made a 30min appointment and was very pleased with how it went.
asked kitty on phone before hand if she  could wear nothing when she answers the door under her robe. So when i got there and she answered in her robe i had a instant hard on thinking of whats under there. Was taking up stairs and into room which again was tidy and clean. Once money was exchanged off came the robe but was a little dissapointed that she was wearing something. Still she looked amazing. Lots of kissing then i bent her over and pulled her thong to one side and began some gentle licking. she tasted and smelt amazing. Then i felt my cock need attention so moved into the 69 position. She gives great head and was almost about to shoot so had to pull out. Then onto some dirty cowgirl and doggy. Really wanted to finger her but shes not into that.
After that i needed to calm down for the big finish. I stood over her as she sat on the bed fucking herself with her vibrator. Standing wanking as she watches me i moved closer then shot my load all over her tits again.
 Great punt and will def be going back in future.
Thanks kitty

Offline Mark321

She's now getting a tit job. Wow can't wait :yahoo:

She's now getting a tit job. Wow can't wait :yahoo:

Yeh I noticed that. I really don't see why though as from what I can remember she has great tits. Never mind I'll book in for a tit wank when she's had her op :yahoo:

I prefer natural, and she has lovely tits, no need at the moment for a tit job, I just hope it's a good job! Too many good pairs ruined!

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