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Author Topic: BV  (Read 369 times)

Offline ladyofthemansion

If this report is correct this lady is going to end up with a very stinky fanny.  Antibacterial gel is not designed for those intimate areas. It takes away the good bacteria and makes a really horrible smell. Am not keen on using baby wipes to clean a dick either. I think a wash in soap and water much better.


There was a recent article on the subject on the TV program embarassing bodies the male doc took a 6ft inflatable vagina (where can I buy one of those) into a nightclub and talked to a crowd of women about feminine hygene. Most said they douched once or twice a day he pointed out that the vagina is "self cleaning" and interfering with the bacterial balance causes more problems than it solves! Going commando in warm weather avoiding tights and tight knickers is what he recommended. I'm no doctor but I support that viewpoint!!

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