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    Offline pumps

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    I saw this girl last year when she was staying in Tooting.

    Contact: She speaks good english, Usual 2 call system after i had confirmed owo, cim was on offer.

    Location: easy to find, safe etc, Room was basic with a small sink and toilet inside it sort of like a B&B but it wasn't.

    Girl: hungarian, Few large tattoos, absolutley fantastic body, nice firm handful of tits, brilliant tight round bottom, nice tight pussy...Work of art in the body department basically.
      Shame about her face because her nose is on the large side. It's Sort of like Leonardo da vinci took care of the feet, legs, torso, arms and neck. Then Picasso took care of the rest.... lol.

    The event: After sorting out the paperwork, we stripped and the usual wet wipe clean up took place. She delivered OWO it was pretty average for my standards, quite dry and no attention to the balls, no eye contact. The OWO didnt last long 5 minutes maybe, then onto the sex heres were it went down hill, She was willing to do all positions, started with her ontop, missionary then doggy, this is where i noticed when it was time to pull out to finish up the condom had a coating of RED all over it  :vomit: it's times like these im glad i dont do RO, i didnt get angry i gave her the benefit of the doubt.
    No GFE or passion faked or real.

    Due to the high quality of her body, i didnt let it phase me too badly and i quickly proceeded to CIM which she took like a tropper then ran to spit it out in the small sink in the bedroom.

    I didn't feel rushed, but she didnt make me feel like staying for full time either.

    I paid £50 for 30mins and stayed 20

    Positives: Great body

    Negatives: Working on her period,

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    Offline abdul

    OH man what a horrible she worked on period I always ask ladies frankly if she is on period or not.
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    Offline Urban_G

    She does have 'period play' in her likes list :vomit:
    Maybe all that means is they still work while they're on, rather than providing for some sick fetish someone may have? :unknown:

    Offline waxman

    Horrible experience indeed. I am looking for WG's in Wallington, but this one I will pass.

    Offline pumps

    its disgusting she cant just spring period play on customers lol

    over the years though this isn't the first time this has happened to me... I can remember at least 3 or 4 other occasions. ...these tarts are desperste for the cash so cant take a few days off it seems.

    as mentioned above I think from now on ill be proactive and ask the girl bluntly if shes on or nearly on her period before handing over the dollar.

    Offline Luke

    It also increases the risk of passing an infection, :thumbsdown:

    Offline pumps

    It also increases the risk of passing an infection, :thumbsdown:

    yes thats a given.

    What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

    Offline Gatts

    I've seen her 3 times, didnt notice any blood thankfully. didnt know she offered CIM, will def request this if I see her again. (I dont tend to read profiles)

    Offline abdul

    Apart from blood you may experience fishy smell on pussy which is very common to girls during period.
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