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Author Topic: Curvybecky - Croydon  (Read 2003 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2082121 or https://www.adultwork.com/Curvybecky

Firstly I saw this girl around 1 year ago

Contact: London girl, very clear and polite. The usual 2 call system here.

Location:  She was staying at a Holiday inn (iirc), Next to the rear entrance of the TKMAXX shop in west croydon.  safe location i suppose for west croydon. Because i went just after midnight i had an embrassing talk with the staff at the front desk as hotel policy is not to let anyone into the hotel after that time, So they had to call her room number to ask if they was expecting a guest....whilst accidently telling me the girls full name during the phone call to her room doh :dash:.

Girl: Very big girl 16 to 18+, Large tits, large everything, Face - 4.5/10

It was late and i was ringing around as you do and this girl answered and sounded pretty good on the phone i.e. all my requests were on offer and due to the time of night i'd be hard pushed to find anything better in the local area.

Now upon arrival she was sharing the room with a black wg who i had to watch pack up here things and leave the room to make space for becky and I  :rolleyes:.  Now becky was alot larger than i had hoped (her photos at the time were pretty flattering) but it didnt put me off as she was still quite shaply, shes deffo in the BBW market.

I didnt feel like f***ing her, maybe because of her size maybe i was just being lazy. So i laid back and literally recieved 30mins of non stop OWO, nice technique, nice and sloppy, good attention to balls she just got stuck in no faffing about.  It may of been longer because there wasn't an ounce of clock watching or rushing.  i guess the saying is right big girls do give good head maybe she anf early dinner.  Although At the time i was unable to suck on her ernomous tits as she had a nipple piercing that was sore, but this didnt bother me.

I finished up with CIM, which she then ran off to spit out, It would of been lovely is she swallowed to finish up such a great job.

I cleaned up had a lil chat with her and shes a east london born and bred girl so no EE communication, pimp, trafficing worries.

Positives: good OWO, didnt appear to get tired, Friendly.

Negatives: The incident with the hotel when i arrived.

At the time i paid £50 for 30mins

Would i return: probably

Would i recommend: Yes

1 review(s) found for English becky69 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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