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Author Topic: Slutty Carmen - Droitwich  (Read 1374 times)

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Offline bod666

www.adultwork.com/1744046 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sluty+Carmen+4u 

Well this will surprise no-one - this aw profile is a bait & switch.
Anyone who looks at the private gallery on this profile will start drooling - she is amazing looking. So when i saw that she was available up the road from me i couldn't stop myself from seeing if it was the same girl. I called and git through to a very pleasant sounding woman with great english so plumped for a 30min visit. My spideysense had been tingling that it wasnt a genuine profile - on aw since 2012 and only one review? Smells like a b&s.

Anyhow i followed my little southern brain and toftt. Got to the hotel room and the door opened she hid behind the door and then sprang out at me grabbed me in an embrace and gave me a kiss.

Obviously not the girl in the pictures - she has long black hair, brown eyes, short, slim, mid 30s - still my type and i'm more than happy to shag someone closer to me age.
Got nekkid, covered oral (v pleasing), followed by her riding me and then mish to complete. She was enthusiastic, and seemed properly into it (& me) so in terms of the actual punt it was great - but still neutral as it was definitely a b&s.

I didn't call the woman out on it cuz i was already thinking of warning my punting bros on here ;)

If you don't mind an older half romanian  half italian (her words) then i'd say go for it. Reasonable vfm - no idea whh they can't just put accurate photos on the profile. Sigh

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline CarbonCopy

i think you might have seen Naughty Deborah, who claims to be half Italian and Romanian and is nearer to 33 years old. These EE girls move around the West Midlands, Shrewsbury, Cannock,  Droitwich and Lichfield? staying in the UK for upto 2 weeks working out of hotels.  Profiles tend always be in the same format with double space between the lines and the names at the bottom followed by XXX. Its all about sex $$$$ and would not be my choice for GFE, but worth a quick 30min punt.
Banning reason: Previously banned

Offline bod666

That sounds right. So does Slutty Carmen actually exist? If so i'm gutted i didn't see her (as her photos look amazing).

Faux-"Carmen" said they move around between warwick, solihull and leamington. When i saw Sexy Sweet Sandy a few weeks back she said there was an older black haired woman called Deborah who talk all the girl's calls (aka pimp). This actually makes sense as Fauxmen's english was great.

I've actually got Naughty Deborah in my hotlist - i can believe the first photo is the woman i shagged, don't think the second is. There was a tattoo that would be noticeable.

Ah well, i scratched my itch for a while :)

Offline Stew

As well as Deborah and Carmen there's Naughty Hot Sasha and Cherry with similar looking profiles who do the old Droitwich, Solihull, Warwick etc loop. Don't know if Sexy Sweet Sandy is in that group but I've seen her and she is the girl in the pics.

Offline bod666

I think Sandy is in that group from what she told me when i saw her.  Odd though as Sandy is from Czech and Deborah from Romania. 
I keep looking at Hot Sasha's profile too but the lack of any feedback makes me think that's a bait & switch as well.

Sandy is one great looking girl - my god those breasts!  :P

Offline Stew

Aye her boobs are truly awesome.  :yahoo:

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