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Author Topic: dundee experience  (Read 2805 times)

Offline nicentrim88

Was going to see this girl  after some really good comms via aw but then i had to walk away when i got there as she seemed smacked out her head and clearly funding a drugs habit >> https://www.adultwork.com/2339824
so I went to see bellablond who advertises herself as 29 with a pretty flawless bod on her dp ..... on arrival I straight away noticed that she was more like 35-40 and more a size 12-14 , but by this time my dick had the better of me and I handed over my 70$$$ ... BUT ... she led me Into her room and we stripped and she gave me some amazing oral. I skipped the fucking as im not into bigger girls. But the oral was proper sloppy deep throat and titwanking inbetween . This girl knows how to suck like a pornstar and i cummed on her tits. The blwjob was amazing and for that reason alone I am not going to be too hard on her cause she really tried to please me.
On a side note her room was littered with dildos allover the shelves and tables, and porn mags lying around.
In summary I would say that if you like 30-40 yo and like a bit of bum fun you NEED to see this girl as she will not dissapoint you.  However I like young slim girls so can only say that I enjoyed the blowjob and not her if that makes sense.  :rose:

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Offline Banquo


I decided against a meet with Kitty after hearing her voice and address. What part of town did you go to see her?

I reviewed bellablonde a couple of days ago here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25911.msg371868#msg371868

Don't know if you saw it before you made your booking or not. I'd agree that age 29 is inaccurate, but I take these things as given nowadays. I'd say 35 was fair, but I'm not arguing over your estimate! Think you're being a bit harsh with a size 12-14 though! I'd say a size 10. The (very old) photoshopped photos on her profile are misleading, but she's recently added some selfie type photos which are more accurate.

Last point, my positive review was made in the context of the Dundee scene - which is generally very poor and as a result bella stands out as a reliable girl with a good attitude. Hope that all makes sense!

oh, yes there were dildos everywhere.. I just ignored them!

Offline sparrow

 You must like seriously thin women if you describe Bella as a 'bigger girl'. That makes her sound like a BBW, which she most certainly is not.

Offline nicentrim88

I do like thin girls ... 8 - 10 dress size. When I said bigger girl I meant bigger than my usual choice.. either way she is bigger in person than her photos make her look. I wouldn't of booked her if her pics were accurate.  Also there is no way this woman is a size ten ... at least a 12

Offline bellablond

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I apologize to disappoint you, i think u like girls size up to 4 or 6 and those who have skinny ass because I'm size 10, and i do have a big ass and  big boobs my size is 34DD and my profile says It ,and if u saw my profile in the adultwork also saw my recent photos, and knew that I was not skinny not in any picture, I'm sorry if you was not satisfied, you should not stayed ,I'm in dundee for 2 ½ years and never had a client who was not happy and i continue very busy with my regulars and new clientes. and one more thing I'm older than 29 but i'm not  at fortys as you talked, if you like young girls you best looking for 19s as 29 is not that young and please look at the girls profiles next time so u do not have to split your frustration. thanks

Offline Mindful

Good to hear from you Bella,

Quick question, do you get many calls from escort-scotland?
Are they any good?



Offline bellablond

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hi babe. yes escort-scotland is  very good and i get many calls from it.x

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