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Author Topic: Hot_julie. Romford  (Read 2865 times)

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Hey guys just got back from a fairly good punt and thought id share my experience. Il set the scene, its been a tough week and really fancied some relief, after a quick proximity search I decided on Julie.
https://www.adultwork.com/2084108 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot%5Fjulie+

Gave her a call around half one for a 4pm apointment. She had a nice phone voice good English, listed whats included in her price which was exactly what was on her profile, then text me the postcode. If anyone lives in Dagenham, she is close to the civic centre, and only just in the Romford area. I left myself 40 mins to get there as it wasnt that far, but Murphy's law I got stuck in traffic three times and arived 45 minuites late. She text me to ask if we were still on and I explained what had happened, she phoned me twice to find where I was which I thought was a nice touch (shows she is commited to me, the customer), however I can see this being a negative for some of you guys as its not exactly discrete.

Once I arived at the road I was let in easily enough, the flat was is a quiet turning, adequate parking space and easy to find. When I entered the flat seemed clean and tidy, it was obviously a shared flat I think there are 2 other girls sharing the flat. Julie was wearing matching underwear with knee high socks, she looked clean and well presented. She was a little bit annoyed at me for being late, which I understand, I reviewed the services and sorted the paperwork.

She then proceeded to get undressed and lay on the bed, bit more abrupt than Im used to but didnt bother me that much. One thing I will note is that she didn't initiate any kissing throughout the session, something that doesn't matter to me but may matter to some of you. She started with a HJ then OWO with reasonable technique bit too much hands for my liking. We then moved into a 69 before a standing BJ finishing with CIM. She then offered a massage which was good, (a lot of WG's use too much pressure without knowing the right places which is a pet hate of mine). Then some more OWO which was still a bit handsy.

There was a slightly awkward moment when a girl who works in the same flat (I think it was Paula: https://www.adultwork.com/2327372 or https://www.adultwork.com/nympho%2D%2Dpaula) walked through the door and Julie shouted something in Polish at her and she shut the door. Paula's face was priceless she looked so sorry and surprised, I thought "aww". Anyway, Julie got back to OWO for a bit and on to sex. Not to blow my own trumpet but I am above average in size and quite thick, she is tight and we had to smother it in lube to get it in :dance:. As I said, she was very tight, the sex was great and she seemed enthusiastic throughout. After sex I used the toilet and we had 5 mins left so I got dressed and left.

-Good body (as in her profile Pictures)
-Very Tight
-Good English and com's


-Definately older than her profile ( I estimate mid 30's)
-Bit too much hands during oral for me
-Didn't feel like a GFE bit more like a PSE but I have no frame of reference for what to expect in a PSE.

The big question is: Would I return? Yes I would. Hope this review helps :) and anything else you want to know just ask.

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Thanks Jack.  She is in my hotlist and I have been very close to contacting her to arrange a booking.  Not too sure on the over use of hands though.  Another reviewer mentioned this as well. 

But she is quite local to me and her rates seem reasonable so I probably will at some point. 

Would you say she is good value for money?

Yeah definately. I would go back again :)

Offline Jimmyredcab

My area -------------- but

No kissing      :thumbsdown:
Older than stated on profile.   :thumbsdown:
Shit photos.    :thumbsdown:

Offline James999

Older than stated on profile.   

From the pictures I'd guess mid / late 40's  :hi:

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