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www.adultwork.com/990873 www.adultwork.com/sweet%2Dkatie  shes been going a while and probably been reviewed on here plenty but was one of the first girls i went to see having fallen out with my regular and she did a damn good job of making me see the silver lining, probably one of the more honest profiles in wolves as i've encountered some dodgy ones down there, katies a good looking girl nice body with average to small tits which personally i don't mind good professional manner but friendly with it and what sold me on her was belting owo and cim which i was apparently quite privileged to get on a first meeting but think it was down to very good hygiene on my part (always a smart move) seen her a couple of times since and my opinion hasn't changed, decent girl  :)

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I saw her recently too, really nice house in good location, really friendly and I felt very safe (not always the case!). I really wanted owo but have recently taken the decision not to risk this so had ow... decent time had

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