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Author Topic: scunthorpe  (Read 6638 times)

Offline wolfiesmith

hi guys new to this area-hoping to set up a massage parlour along the lines of fantasia in sheffield-need to know how many such places exist in scunthorpe and any girls interested in my new venture x
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have you not used the forum search function?
give it a go, theres loads of info from previous threads about opening up massage parlours in toilets like Scunthorpe.  In fact now you come to mention it i think there was a recent thread about another entrepeneur with similar ideas in Bathgate.

let us know if you need anymore help?

I knew of a couple of parlours run from private rented flats in Scunthorpe about 6 months or so ago. A girl I know from a well known Sheffield Parlour worked at one for 2 days a week but it got raided and shut down. Apparently the local old bill were on a mission!! Nothing quite like Fantasia though, I think they were charging £40 to £60 for the half hour dependig on what services you wanted! Good luck with the venture though. A quick search on AW for Scunthorpe shows 13 ladies offering services one of whom is Chantelle who works at Bluebelles on City Rd Sheffield.

Offline ladyofthemansion

Have you had experience of working as a WG or maid before?

Offline MarkLT

Scunthorpe has one called Azure, close to the bus station. It has a website - I'm certainly not touting on its behalf - it is overpriced, it always seems to be the same '30yr old' (if that's the case Dot Cotton is a solid nubile temptress too) working, and even the porn they stick on in the bedroom is rubbish.

There are quite a few WGs working as Indies from home, of varying qualities and prices, these are better, and cheaper too.

Offline ladyofthemansion

You will definetely find a cunt in Scunthorpe.

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