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Author Topic: South American punt  (Read 2057 times)

Offline lima88

Hi folks, Im on holiday in Peru at the minute and seeing all these beautiful Latinas has made me desperate for at the very least a BJ. I plan to meet a girl on a night out but if it doesnt happen I would go for a punt. Could anyone tell me a good website for international escorts? Thanks.

Offline vt

The International Sex Guide Forum is normally useful for links and recommendations in international destinations.


I lived in South America for near 2 years - mostly Colombia/ Venezuela, some Chile/ Peru

If you can't find a punt then you are not trying!!  Wall to wall.  Local papers will show "establishment facilities" plus lots of Indies.  They will be at the upper end of the price range of course because they have paid for the adverts - but still cheap as chips relative to Europe/ UK.  Bars will always have a few freelancers and they will usually make their presence known..  Unless you are fluent in Spanish and have a "latino" complexion then again you will pay over the odds - but still cheap.  If you look like a gringo and wave money at a bar the ladies will queue up for you.

Been there, done that - and I was 50 at the time so you do not need to be some youngster. They want your money not your body (other than temporarily)

Just take care about your personal security. Never carry too much cash and no rings/ chains/ fancy watches etc.


Offline lima88

Cheers mate, any idea about the STI situation, ill use a cobdom anyway but would like to know. I actually found wiki sex guide to Lima which will be useful

Offline Jerboa

I'm surprised you didn't do any research before arriving, as vt said take a read of ISG.

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Offline marcos1

I have visited Peru and I really enjoyed the girls down there. Cheap and pretty.
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