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Author Topic: classy29 - outcall to Reading  (Read 701 times)

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Debated whether to put this in London section as this is her base but she outcalls to Reading on occassion. This meet was in response to RB for 2 hours and was only a little more than her hourly rate

First the Negatives
Very little info on profile
Not 29 - my guess late 30's
Profile pictures not accurate but gallery pictures do seems to be more accurate

Still attractive even if older than stated
Petite and very hot body, and not just for her age - she might be 5'4" in heels, without more like 5'1", but then I love the more petite girls
Sexy spanish accent
Excellent services
Very affectionate
Inexhaustable energy
Great VFM in RB booking

As I mention above, from the profile there is not much to get excited about, but I was in a bind after a late cencellation, was horny as hell and decided to gamble on an RB on a Friday night to see what was available. Didn't hold out much hope - Friday night, weather was foul (meet was end Jan), already gone 5pm...got a bid from classy29 and little gent was doing the thinking so figured what the hell.

Comms were great. SMS, then called several times to update me on arrival time. When she arrived I saw this petite, reasonably mature but very fit lady in a tight black dress. Immediately kissed and hugged to say hi.

Sat on the bed and she initiated the kissing, mainly LFK but good and with some passion, she rubs me over my trousers while I'm peeling off the tight dress. Body is very tight and tanned, small soft breasts, was not wearing underwear beneath the dress and was not averse to fingers playing with her pussy and clit. She unzips little gent and starts some very good owo. I return the favour with RO, she is very sensitive, almost too much so and she does let out light screams if you get it right. Back to kissing then owo and first pop is in her mouth and facial - now 25 minutes in and for a last minute punt this is turning out to be pretty good.

After a brief clean up, not even 5 minutes later she is asking if I want to go again and is working hard to get me hard. More owo gets the job done and on with the condom. First in mish and whilst I am pounding she is pulling me closer, constant LFK and then starts wrapping arms and legs around to pull me deeper and deeper. I need a break so we go to cowgirl, then she is on her feet and grinding away for another 5 mintues. Finally I am ready to pop again so off with the rubber and another facial with some help from her mouth and tongue.

One hour gone and I am already heavy breathing and in a sweat, so she asks if I want a massage and rub down before we try again. After 20 minutes of OK massage she moves to grab me again and works up another hard on and proceeds to suck and wank me while I give more RO. Finally 3rd pop in her mouth and I am done.

By this time I can barely walk and with 10 minutes left I'm done. She asks if i can manage another...WTF :scare:... I really want to but there is no chance, so politely decline, offer to get her some water and we just chat, hug and kiss for a few minutes before getting dressed. More hugs, kisses on the way out...she leaves and I fall asleep in a chair with ice around my balls.

In short - her profile is a mess and she is older than stated - but don't let that put you off. To say she is attentive and affectionate is a massive understatement. She does everything she can to make you happy and leave you exhausted. Terrific VFM punt

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline vorian

Nice review,  seems in and around Reading is the place to be at the moment, lots of good prossies making it a stop off on tour, plus some crackers based there full time.
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