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I met with them both a few weeks ago. I wont discuss vrnue its well known on here.
I've given a positive as i was in a room with two gorgeous naked women playing with my cock so to me thats a positive experience in my life but.. It just wasn't all that I was expecting, maybe it was just my nerves because we did everything I wanted double bj, face sitting, girl on girl etc but even though i walked out with a large skip in my step and grinning like a mad man there was still a tiny underwhelming feeling, possibly too much mff porn. A positive still though and may try again just to be sure

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Offline Briddy

Cheers. Could do with also putting how much you paid what extras were there?

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Ah the FFM fantasy is most men's ideal fantasy. Tried to fulfil that a few times myself but never let 100% satisfied.

The difficulty is finding 2 stunning, filthy WG's who go full throttle during an FFM. Normally get one who's more up for it than the other. And it is pretty shite if they don't genuinely like girls too.

Actually, I've had more fun in an MMF than most FFM's I've had  :unknown:

I was surprised too  :D

It was 120 for half hour, didn't question any extras as I got all I went for but it was pretty much controlled by the two girls and was more of PSE than GFE and I would usually go for GFE so may be that was why I came out feeling like I did, my first and only 3some so far so nothing to compare against (yet)