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Author Topic: Genuine Indies in MK  (Read 532 times)

I am somewhat of a nervous punter, so prefer to only visit indies rather than shared premises.

I thought I had found an ideal regular in MK but when I called back for a second time a month later they had moved to a shared house, I still went and met a different girl in this shared place but I wasn't entirely comfortable, despite the girl being really cool.

So any help/links would be appreciated as it seems that even the indie seeming girls are actually based out of one of the many parlours

cheers  :)

Offline Lurtz

I would recommend Natasha who does outcalls in Bucks (and Herts, Beds, and Cambridge). She used to do incalls in Herts - not sure if she still does.


I realise you said you would rather see indies but I would recommend http://www.mkangels.co.uk/ and if she is your type go and see Tori, she very friendly and gorgeous  and the maid is very welcoming I had a cuppa and a chat with her whilst we talked about the girls and she was very helpful, even ran a shower for me.
Would be just the thing for a newbie, very careful about not letting punters see each other as well. Cant help you more as I only went to MK once and it was mostly parlours, but that had the best atmosphere and If I had never punted before would have been the best place to start imo.

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